Last night, as I was scurrying to a meeting, I heard a snap in my knee, and felt an excruciating pain spread through my right leg. Determined to get through my appointment as professionally as possible, I put on a happy face, and hobbled along.

After a successful meeting, I changed from my high heels to the sneakers I had conveniently stashed in my bag, and tried to get home. With no taxis in sight, I tried to limp to the subway, but couldn’t navigate the stairs. Finally, I found a bus stop, and after a long wait, gingerly boarded the bus. S met me at the stop, and helped me get home. By now, the act of trying to walk made the pain so bad that even sitting perfectly still was agonizing.

The idea of going to the emergency room and spending the whole night being ignored due to more life-threatening cases, surrounded by the crazies and flu ridden, was less appealing than the working through the pain. A few Advil and some ice allowed me to at least get my leg up on the couch. I eventually got into bed, propped up with pillows and a stuffed animal under my knee for support.

I am dreading what the day will bring, as I try to find a doctor who can fit me in, and hopefully give me a cast or some crutches so I can function.

As someone who walks everywhere, and hits the gym 6 times a week, being out of commission is going to be difficult. I am hoping that it is something minor that will not require any drastic treatment.
Send positive thoughts my way. Between storms, work deadlines and now this injury, it has been a  tough few weeks for blogging about anything substantive. I hope to get back to putting some real content on the site soon. Stick with me!

photo: Glasshouse Images

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