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Back to the Gym: Day 1

February 21, 2013

Young woman stretchingFor those of you who know me, my workouts were part of what defined me:six times a week, every week.

I took hardcore cycling classes, ran intervals, and did circuit training, rowing and weight lifting. If I was really sore, or my Saturday cycling teacher was on vacation, perhaps I’d throw a little Pilates into the mix.

Then, in early November, something snapped. Literally. My patella, or kneecap for those not familiar with anatomy, cracked in a perfect, horizontal line.

I barely moved for a few weeks, and then worked my way up to a hobble. After about 8 weeks, I was walking with a limp. I have been progressing well in my physical therapy, and with the week off from my crazy work routine, I decided the time had come. I removed the medical freeze from my membership and gingerly hit the gym.

I started on the ARC trainer, a variation on the elliptical machine, which has a resistance setting of 1-100 and an incline setting of 1-10. Normally, I would do this at 10 and 100. Today, I left the incline relatively flat, and started slowly at a resistance of 15, working my way up to 50 at a steady but moderate pace.

Next, I tried some upper body weights. I was able to do about 80% of my former weight, and did some seated rows, lat pull downs, bicep curls, triceps pull downs.

I worked on most of the leg exercises that we do in physical therapy, this time working both legs. Although the left leg did most of the heavy lifting during the healing time, now it’s wounded sister gets all the attention. It’s time to show them both a little love.
I did floor based abdominal exercises with a small medicine ball. No standing cable twists, and no decline bench, which can put strain on the legs.

I stretched and iced and I am good to go.

I feel energized, accomplished and really, really hungry!

I expect to feel some soreness tomorrow, but hopefully the good kind, where you challenge your muscles and they let you know that they did their best.

I know I will get stronger everyday. It is hard to restrict myself from doing too much, but I know if I injure myself again, I will be sidelined for another few months. Moderation is everything.

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Ready or Not, Here I Come!

February 20, 2013

Young woman flexing muscles

After 13 weeks of nursing a fractured knee, I am ready to go forth gently to the gym.

It isn’t going to be easy. I lack the strength and muscle tone that I once had just mere months ago, and no longer have the aerobic stamina to push through my grueling cardio intervals.

I know I need to start slowly, but the warrior woman in me is going to need to be tamed to avoid over doing it.

I have worked my way up to enough exercises in the last 6 weeks of physical therapy to be able to go it alone.

Stay tuned, as I work my way back to strong and fit in the hallowed halls of Equinox.

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November 9, 2012

Last night, as I was scurrying to a meeting, I heard a snap in my knee, and felt an excruciating pain spread through my right leg. Determined to get through my appointment as professionally as possible, I put on a happy face, and hobbled along.

After a successful meeting, I changed from my high heels to the sneakers I had conveniently stashed in my bag, and tried to get home. With no taxis in sight, I tried to limp to the subway, but couldn’t navigate the stairs. Finally, I found a bus stop, and after a long wait, gingerly boarded the bus. S met me at the stop, and helped me get home. By now, the act of trying to walk made the pain so bad that even sitting perfectly still was agonizing.

The idea of going to the emergency room and spending the whole night being ignored due to more life-threatening cases, surrounded by the crazies and flu ridden, was less appealing than the working through the pain. A few Advil and some ice allowed me to at least get my leg up on the couch. I eventually got into bed, propped up with pillows and a stuffed animal under my knee for support.

I am dreading what the day will bring, as I try to find a doctor who can fit me in, and hopefully give me a cast or some crutches so I can function.

As someone who walks everywhere, and hits the gym 6 times a week, being out of commission is going to be difficult. I am hoping that it is something minor that will not require any drastic treatment.
Send positive thoughts my way. Between storms, work deadlines and now this injury, it has been a  tough few weeks for blogging about anything substantive. I hope to get back to putting some real content on the site soon. Stick with me!

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