Kitchen Tips Tuesday: Ice Cream Storage


Storing ice cream can be a challenge. We find it is often too hard to scoop, and needs to sit on the counter to thaw a bit before it can be enjoyed. When time is of the essence, (“gotta have it NOW!”) it can be microwaved for very short spurts until it softens a little.

Once it goes back into the freezer, ice crystals start to form as it refreezes, reducing the quality and taste.

There are a few rememdies, that can keep your ice cream fresh and ready to eat at a moments notice.

Many suggest storing the ice cream container in a zip lock plastic bag, sealed tightly with the excess air let out, as a solution to keeping it as soft as it was when you purchased it. Many also suggest that it doesn’t work.

When we make our own ice cream, we lay a piece of wax paper right on the surface before coverering it with something more air tight. This keeps the ice crystals from forming. If you can get a smooth enough area to lay down the wax paper on your store bought ice cream after scooping, it will help. Just be sure to replace the lid as well.

Dipping the scoop in hot water drying it off will help it glide more easily through the frozen mass.

If your ice cream freezes rock hard, put it in the refrigerator at the beginning of your meal. When dessert time rolls around, it should be scoopable.

Last but not least, buy smaller quantities, and polish it off in one sitting!

Photo:  Glasshouse Images

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