Monkey Business

It was a very special little boy’s first birthday, and of course cupcakes were in order. He loves monkeys, so I set out to find a way to make monkey cakes. Pinterest was rife with ideas, and these little monkeys were easy to execute and almost as cute as the recipient!


To make the monkey faces:

Prepare cupcakes and ice them with light brown icing. I used unsweetened cocoa powder to color mine. Slightly imperfect icing gives the illusion of fur.

(and it was 10:30 on a Friday night!)

Place a vanilla wafer cookie in the center of the cupcake, and draw a mouth and 2 nostrils on it with icing.  There are colored icing tubes available at most supermarkets and specialty cake shops, which makes this quick and easy. Mix up the expressions for fun!

Using a serrated knife, gently cut a vanilla wafer in half, using a sawing motion. This prevents them from breaking.

Press the cookie halves into the sides of the cupcakes, to form ears.

Add candy eyes, and enjoy!

By the way, a few pandas wandered in to join the fun.


Happy Birthday to our favorite little monkey, Landon!


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One Response to “Monkey Business”

  1. naughteebits Says:

    Oh my goodness, the cuteness is killing me!!!!! Most adorable post ever!

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