Spa Craze

The holidays are over, it’s a new year and a time to unwind and detox.

Here a just a few of the crazy spa treatments that are currently available to help you get all of your body parts looking and feeling their best.


Shizuka New York offers their special “Geisha Facial,”containing an unusual ingredient.

The spa’s founder, Shizuka Bernstein (I kid you not) was inspired by traditional Japanese geishas, who use nightingale droppings as a beauty treatment. The bird poop contains natural enzymes, which work to break down dead skin cells, and leave the complexion radiant.

Ms. Bernstein insists that the poop is fully sanitized before being milled into a fine powder and mixed with other ingredients.

The facial includes a facial oil massage, and a green tea collagen mask for a mere $180. For those on a limited budget, (and have a low gross out threshold) pigeon droppings are readily available in most areas of New York City, free of charge.

Once your face is taken care of, how about your nether regions?

The Yin-Ova Center offers a special treatment they call the V-Steam.

You guessed it; it’s a spa treatment for your vagina.

The traditional holistic method is often used to relieve painful menstrual periods, and frequent yeast infections.

A pot of boiling water infused with herbs is set beneath a stool, allowing the steam to penetrate the vagina, cervix and uterus, drawing out impurities. The client enjoys a short back, hand and foot massage while the steam works it’s magic.

At just $150 for the most awkward hour of your life, you get 2 steams with massage, and a full consultation.

Euphoria Spa offers a “Sweet Cheeks” treatment for the set you sit on.

The oft-neglected area gets treated to a fruit enzyme peel and a sugar scrub, leaving it soft, smooth and lifted. The minute treatment costs $75, and is perfect for those with unsightly butt breakouts.

Only in New York people, only in New York.

photo: Glasshouse Images


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