Heavy Duty

The title of the World’s Heaviest Man has now been passed to Londoner Keith Martin.

Martin takes the title from Manuel Uribe who is reported to have lost 830 pounds from his previously 1260 pound frame.

Martin, who currently weighs 812 pounds, is bedridden and requires 18 people to care for him. Eight ambulance workers are needed to hoist him into a special reinforced vehicle to transport him to the hospital for frequent check ups.

Others visit him regularly to help keep him clean and fed, and to monitor his heart which is under great strain due to his size.

Mr. Martin is 5’9’’ tall and has a 6-foot waistline girth.

According to Weekly World News, Mr. Martin has been known to consume an average of 20,000 calories per day!

A typical day of eating might include:

Breakfast: 8 hotdogs and 4 slices of bread, with coffee and sugar.

Lunch: More sweetened coffee with cakes, a packet of cookies and a selection of chocolate bars.

Dinner: 2 whole roast dinners or 16 sausages, a family sized bag of French fries, and more coffee with sugar.

His lifestyle is currently taking a toll on more than his health. The estimated cost of caring for Mr. Martin is $320,000 per year all paid for by the British government.


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5 Responses to “Heavy Duty”

  1. julie hansen Says:

    interesting, I actually thought one would have to eat even more than that- so sad.

  2. Susan Says:

    How sad . . . must be some psychological complication that he just cannot break away from . . .

  3. Marshall Says:

    I saw a t-shirt worn by a huge person which said “I beat bulemia”. Sad commentary on obesity.

  4. Guy A. Archbold Says:

    Ut-oh. Looks like I better give up coffee…

  5. Guy A. Archbold Says:

    Ut-oh, looks like better give up coffee…

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