How Angels Stay Fit

Face it, we’d all like to look like a Victoria’s Secret model, wouldn’t we?

In the days leading up to the taping of the televised Victoria’s Secret fashion show, model Adriana Lima came clean on what it really takes to look like that.

According to the Daily Telegraph, in the weeks leading up to the show she drinks a gallon of water per day. She also exists on only specially made protein shakes created by her nutritionist for 9 days straight.

For the last 2 days, she limits her water intake to a normal amount, and for the 12 hours preceding the show, she stops drinking entirely! “ No liquids at all so you dry out…you can lose up to 8 pounds just from that,” she says.

She also works out with a trainer twice a day, every day.

Lima jumps rope, boxes and lifts weights at a high intensity, to burn fat and build muscle.

It takes commitment and dedication to be a super model, and a diet and exercise plan that is unrealistic, let alone unhealthy for most people.

What is Lima’s big indulgence post-show? Forget the congratulatory glass of champagne. This girl wants a big piece of chocolate cake!

The Victoria’s Secret fashion show airs November 29, on CBS.

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