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The New Year’s Resolutions That Never Happened

January 29, 2016


Every January, I enter the gym in a state of dread, knowing that it will be swarming with people who aren’t normally there. Us regulars take a deep breath, secure in the knowledge that most of them will be gone before the month is over. This year however, they never actually showed up.

Did they give up the fight for a healthier and more svelte version of themselves? Are they all at Soul Cycle? I have a theory, and its not a bad one; they set themselves up for failure from day one.

In New York, we experienced mild temperatures all the way through Christmas Eve, which was a balmy 73 degrees. Suddenly, the thermometer dipped into the teens, and those dark, dreary mornings became instantly more difficult to navigate. There was little subtlety in the situation. It seemed like out of nowhere, winter arrived. It made it’s point this weekend, when 30″ of snow was dumped on our city, virtually shutting most of it down. When you aren’t used to getting up and getting out and hitting the gym while it is still dark, trying to do it when its freezing isn’t a good place to start. Eating clean, when all we crave is comfort food, is super hard this time of year. Setting goals like that are almost certain to fail. We opt to hybernate, instead of working out.

I never make New Year’s resolutions. I just resolve to try to do my best throughout the year. Perhaps deciding to become a morning gym person is a better goal for the late spring, when it is light out, and weather is more welcoming. Eating clean, while possible all year long, is much simpler when the produce is fresh and in-season, and lighter fare is more palatable than heavier choices. Getting out and running or biking is easier to achieve when there is more daylight available in which to partake in these activities.

May I suggest resetting some of these goals in the spring, with the intent to maintain them long term? Once the habits are set, they will carry through, regardless of the time of year.

I’m not advocating putting off trying to build a healthier lifestyle. I am however, suggesting that you cut yourself some slack and just do the best you can. Resolve to do better, and build on that throughout the year. Go to the gym whenever you can, and make some healthy food swaps when available. Come spring, you’ll be part of the way there, and easing into a more rigorous program will be much easier.

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I Can’t Even

June 24, 2015


I hate to travel. Especially by air. Don’t get me wrong, I love to explore new places. Getting there…not so much.
Frequent readers know about my travel woes. It isn’t a pretty tale.

Today, I got up at 4:45 a.m. to catch a flight to Toronto for a meeting. Now, 16 hours later,here I sit in the airport in Toronto, trying to get home. First,our 8:25 p.m. flight was ontime. Then, suddenly delayed until 10:15. A few minutes later someone decided we should board at 8:30 in case they can get us out earlier. Earlier storms left La Guardia even more backed up then usual. So soon, we shall shut off our laptops and sit on a cramped, stuffy plane and wait.

I have nothing witty to say. I have no wisdom to share. I am tired, cranky, stressed and want to go home. The golden age of travel is clearly tarnished. Global climate change isn’t making it any better. Perhaps if I click my heels together and repeat the words “There’s no place like home” three times, something good might come of it. What the hell, nothing else is working.

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What We’re Buzzing About This Week

February 6, 2014

Boots in Snow

It’s been a full week,and people across America are buzzing about the turn of events.

First up,the newly crowned winner of this season’s Biggest Loser dropped 155 pounds in just 14 weeks, triggering an outcry that she may have gone too far. At 5′ 4″, Rachel Frederickson weighs 105 pounds, just shy of a healthy BMI. While most professionals consider 1 to 2 pounds per week healthy and sustainable weight loss, Frederickson shed 1.5 pounds per day! Did she go too far?

Discussing the weather has moved from banal small talk to a hot topic. We have been bombarded by snow, extremely low temperatures and tornadoes, with no sign of it letting up. Is Mother Nature mad at us, or is all the buzz about global climate change really not just a political issue? Discuss.

Facebook is celebrating it’s 10th birthday by offering it’s loyal followers a personalized memory video. The cheesy retrospective, set to muzak, is based on your photos, most liked posts and profile pictures generated during your time on the social network.  It could move you to tears, make you cringe and at the very least lead you to re-evaluate what you share with the world.

Sports journalists are arriving in Sochi, Russia, in anticipation of the upcoming Olympics. What they are finding is accommodations that are well below sub-standard. Broken toilets, group toilets, and brown water are among the highlights of the hotel rooms they are staying in. One reporter found a large insect preserved for eternity in the packet of honey he opened at breakfast. Between the squalor and the terror threats, this is going to be an interesting Olympics. Let the games begin!

New York Fashion Week gets underway today, so again,  let the games begin!

Photo: Glasshouse Images

Shouldering It

October 2, 2013

The weather is changing rapidly. One week it’ s pleasantly cool in New York City, and then suddenly, it’s back in the 80’s again. It starts off in the 50’s and 60’s in the early morning, and hits near tropical temperatures by mid afternoon. Deciding what to wear is a challenge. I mean, it’s October after all!

No worries, we are here to help!

honestly, WTF

honestly, WTF

This season, the chicest way to wear to your coat or jacket, is not to wear it all. That’s right; just toss it nonchalantly over your shoulders and go, as these fashionistas on the street are doing.  It ‘s a simple case of form meeting function, with form leading the way.


refinery 29

refinery 29

Weather Weary

November 8, 2012

Last night, our still fragile city was hit by a Nor’easter, leaving us blanketed in wet, slushy, snow and beaten up by high winds.

This garbage can of abandoned umbrellas, turned inside out by the wind says it all…

Mother Nature; Give us a break!!

White Space

May 8, 2012

There is an age-old rule of fashion that declares, “ White should not be worn before Memorial Day or after Labor Day.” For decades, women adhered to this, as if it were gospel. Until now.

This season, many designers showed white leather shoes and handbags for winter, causing a clash of seasonality and fashion etiquette that somehow looks very modern.

Phillip Lim showed white t-strap dancing shoes with heavy winter woolens. Worn with bare legs, or dark tights, the contradiction of style looks very fresh and youthful.

J.Mendel, known for his luxe sophisticated sportswear and furs, showed creamy winter whites layered head to toe. His white leather shoes and bags were the perfect accompaniment.

Indie design favorite, Alexander Wang also embraced the rule-bending, by adding an oversized white bag to this edgy black and white look.

As our weather patterns spiral out of control, predicting what is appropriate to wear is nearly impossible. Why not just roll with it, and let your style be the guiding force, rather than a confused weather-person, or an outdated notion of what is proper?

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