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Coming Out of the Closet

May 15, 2015

I have a confession:

My wardrobe is a disaster. My walk in closet contains every item of clothing I own, regardless of season. I have a collection of tee shirts with holes in exactly the same spot. Until I can figure out what is causing them, the pile keeps growing.  I have stuff that has become dated and unappealing. Many things that started out beige have miraculously turned grey after a trip through the washing machine. Amid the randomness of the clothing is luggage, linens, and boxes of “stuff.” While everything else in my life stays relatively organized, my closet houses the dirty little secret of my chaotic ways.
With a break in my work schedule aligning with a break in the weather, I plan to weed out my summer wardrobe, once and for all.


Will I really do it? Will I whittle it down to the bare necessities? What is that “stuff” and what do I do with it? How did all that junk fit into this little room? Stay tuned as we embark on Operation Coming Out of the Closet!


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Shirting The Issue

September 26, 2010

We haven’t even packed up our summer clothes yet, and Spring 2011 fashions have been parading down the runway for the past few weeks.  Being in this business, we always have to think ahead of the curve. Many companies work as much as a year in advance, sourcing fabrics, designing styles and refining their collections.  Sometimes we are tired of it, before we even get a chance to wear it!
This season, one of the biggest trends is the also the easiest to incorporate into your wardrobe NOW!  Hint: it’s something you probably already own, and it is both timely and timeless…the white shirt!
Shown by designers in a myriad of looks, it is one of the must haves of the season.

Tuck it into a skirt, pants or shorts and belt the waist. Roll up your sleeves and unbutton a few buttons. Make sure it’s perfectly pressed, and fitted to a T.

photo: Tommy Hilfiger via

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