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Risky Business: Sprouts

April 25, 2016


Jack-The-Green-SproutsI am a lover of most things vegetable. I prefer a mound of greens to a juicy steak any day of the year. I love my vegetables raw, steamed, fried, sautéed, and roasted. There are very few I don’t care for, and  one of those are sprouts. I don’t just dislike them, I detest them.

The hairy consistency and overall earthiness of them is off putting. If the taste and texture isn’t enough to make you back off, these new findings just might.

Sprouts appear on the list of foodborne illness outbreaks more regularly than other foods. The frequent outbreaks have some stores and restuarants taking great measures to mitigate the risks of selling a potentially dangerous “health” food.

When ordering at sandwich chain Jimmy John’s online, a warning pops up stating.”The consumption of raw sprouts may result in an increased risk of foodborne illness and poses a health risk to everyone. Click ‘Yes’ if you understand the potential risks, or ‘Cancel’ if you’d like to continue without adding sprouts.”  The restaurant has been victim of multiple outbreaks of sprout related illness in the last several years.

Kroger and Walmart have deemed sprouts ” too dangerous to sell,” and have opted out of carrying them since 2012.

Why are sprouts, often though of as a health food so susceptible to contamination? Sprout seeds need warmth and humidity to grow, as do many pathogens, causing them to flourish. Because they are eaten raw, the risk is even higher.

Although thorough testing of seeds and seed water have been employed to reduce risk, the outbreaks continue. For now, it is best to pass them by.

photo: Jack and the Green Sprouts / barf blog

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June 10, 2013


Paula Deen, the first lady of fatty foods has embarked on a new venture. Her line of flavored butters launched this week, and will be sold at Walgreen’s and Walmart stores across the country.

It’s only fitting that Ms. Deen would offer designer butter as one of her early forays into the packaged food market.

The butters come in a variety of flavors and are meant to add the finishing touch to cooking, or to be spread on baked goods.

Deen says of her Sweet Citrus Zest butter:
“My Sweet Citrus Zest butter is hard to practice in moderation – it’s so good on a biscuit or cornbread and it’s the perfect butter to have in the morning – it feels so fresh and clean on your palette.”

She also offers Garden Herb, Lemon Dill, European Style with Sea Salt, and something called “Southern Grillin’.”

Deen has been touting using butter at the end of the recipe to moderate butter consumption. Instead, she has been cooking with other fats, such as bacon fat and using the butter at the end to add flavor and a slick finish to meats and vegetables.

While a bit contradictory to her recent bid for healthier cooking, we have no doubt these will be a great success with her fans.

Portions of the proceeds go to The Bag Lady Foundation, which helps families in need.

That’s a good thing Y’all!


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