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Exiled from Facebook

May 21, 2012

Artist Victoria Selbach logged on to her computer one morning and discovered her Facebook account had been disabled due to “objectionable content.”  With no prior warnings or notification, it was puzzling. She filed an inquiry with Facebook, but received no response.

Selbach, an artist whose hauntingly beautiful and tasteful nudes were featured here previously, reached out to her network of realist artists, who rallied around her. They posted her dilemma on their own walls, with a link to her website. Selbach’s site traffic soared to more than 6000 hits over night.

“There is an incredibly supportive group of realist artists networking on Facebook. It really makes you think about how much we get from each other through the community we have created and yet feels quite bizarre to know how little ownership and control we can count on from what we have built. A visual artist’s Facebook page almost becomes a curated work in it’s own right, and certainly a journal of past and future opportunities, yet we don’t really have any ownership over it.”

It is a sad commentary on our culture, when fine art is considered objectionable, but someone’s drunken party photos are not.


Larger Than Life

September 25, 2009


Faces, and the anomalies and characteristics that make each one individual have always captivated Victoria Selbach. Her strikingly modern, larger than life portraits truly capture each subject’s depth and inner beauty, as seen in her most recent body of work entitled “Friends”.

A fashion design executive currently on hiatus, Victoria has taken the opportunity to pursue her passion for painting. Her eye for color, texture and style clearly radiates in her work, as she captures the subtleties of her models. Her strong use of shadow and light, as well as scale, takes her work from the realm of traditional portraiture, into the world of contemporary art.Liv-424x291-2-1

Next up for the artist is a series of nudes, the first of which is featured in her current gallery show.

Victoria Selbach’s work can be found at Martha de Groot in Port Washington New York.

It is also featured on Absolute Arts and the artist’s own site.

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