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Cups of Joy

December 3, 2011

Ever wonder what happens to all those paper coffee cups that seem to be in everyone’s hands as they walk down the street lately? Meet Gwyneth Leech, a New York City artist who is “up-cycling” used cups into works of art.

For the last few months, Leech can be found in the Prow Art Space in the iconic Flatiron Building, drawing on cups, and suspending them on wires as part of an installation called: Hypergraphia: The Cup Drawings.

Leech collects the cups after use, washes and dries them, and records the date, occasion and place on the bottom of each one.

She then uses the cup as a canvas, filling it with intricate pen + ink drawings.

The installation can be viewed 24 hours a day at the gallery, which is located at 23rd Street where 5th Avenue and Broadway meet.

Gwyneth Leech can be found drawing in the Prow windows Tuesday- Saturday, from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. through February 18, 2012.

Bring her your clean, dry paper cup with your name and the date, written on the bottom, and she will add it to the installation.

What a great way to reuse, recycle and rejoice in the beauty of the holiday season!

photo: Sylvie the Camera

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