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Smart Socks

June 26, 2013


There are lots of workout related gadgets on the market these days. From bracelets that track activity, calories and even sleep quality, to sensors inserted into running shoes connecting to  apps galore that track, prod, and reward progress, it’s overwhelming.

But what if there was something that could help prevent injury, and improve technique? For those of us who are a prone to injuries of late (ahem), this could be interesting!
The Sensoria is an insert that fits a specially developed athletic sock embedded with electronic fibers. The device can track activity, pace, distance and lap times as well as stance, cadence, foot position and stride length. It connects to an app, and users are told whether or not their running pattern is neutral or over pronated, which can result in injuries. Should an injury occur, the sensor can provide analysis to help the user improve technique to avoid future problems.

Statistics show that 60% of runners experience some type of foot injury annually. This smart sock could impact that number significantly.

The Sensoria kit is available for about $99, and includes a pair of washable socks, an ankle sensor and the app.

photo: glasshouse images

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