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Kitchen Tips Tuesday: Mason Jar Iced Tea

May 26, 2015


Lately, it seems nearly everything can be made in a mason jar.

Mason jars have made a comeback in recent years, as much for their rustic charm, as for their versatility. We use them for everything, from food storage to salads to go, but today, they proved themselves to be the ultimate iced tea vessel.

When brewing tea, place the bags into the jar, and let the tags hang over the outer edge. Screw on the ring to secure the tea bags, and pour the barely boiling water into the jar. Always put a metal spoon in first, so that it will absorb some of the heat and prevent the glass from cracking.

If you like sweet tea, stir in the sugar or honey while the tea is hot, so that it fully dissolves.

When the tea is cool, remove the ring and the tea bags, and add the metal top to the jar and reseal. Now you can pop it into the refrigerator to chill and enjoy!

No more teabags slipping into the brew, the jar fully covered to avoid picking up odors in the fridge, and no more toxic plastic! Its also portable, if sealed tightly, so you can take it to the office or on a picnic without it spilling.

Photo gif: Spencer Jones for Glasshouse Images

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Kitchen Tips Tuesday: Iced Tea

August 13, 2013


I love to make homemade iced tea. It is so easy, economical and free of all the crap added to commercially made stuff. My iced tea recipe has only 2 ingredients: water, and tea. Lemon or sugar can be added to taste.

Simply boil the water, and add several tea bags, and it allow it to steep. Make sure it cools fully before refrigerating, or it will get cloudy. Remove the tea bags before storing to avoid the tea from tasting bitter.

Pretty simple, and hardly worth a full blown post. So what’s the big deal? The little trick I use to keep the boiling hot water from cracking the glass pitcher.


Insert a large metal mixing spoon into the pitcher before pouring the hot water in. The metal spoon will absorb some of the heat, preventing the glass from breaking.

Easy. Simple. Great to know.

photos: indigojonesnyc instagram

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