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Where Does Fat Go?

January 15, 2016

Congratulations! You’ve been working out, watching what you eat and you are starting to see the some reduction in body fat. Great, but where did it actually go?

Common knowledge often subscribes to the theory that we convert the fat to energy and release it as heat, hence the term “burning fat.” A recent study shows that we don’t burn fat, but exhale most of it as carbon dioxide. A small percentage gets released leaves our body through fluids, such as sweat, urine and tears. Its all very scientific, and this video from SciShow explains the process much better than we ever could.

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Sweat it Out

September 6, 2013

Fall is just around the corner and the temperatures have already started to drop to a more comfortable level, making it easier to get out and get some exercise. Some like to say, “sweat is your fat crying”, but there are lots of sound health reasons to go out and break a sweat:

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Frequent exercisers tend to get less kidney stones.

Research from the University of Washington shows that during a workout we sweat out excess salt, and retain calcium in our bones, rather than having our kidneys deal with it. We also drink more water, another boon to kidney function.

Sweating can help prevent colds and other bugs, due to a microbial peptide called dermcidin, which is secreted by our sweat glands and is shown to fight off infection. As your body heats up, it produces more white blood cells, which also boost immunity. Studies have shown that those who workout take half the sick days as those who don’t exercise.

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Having a good sweat session can help cleanse your body of the residue from over-indulging in alcohol, cholesterol and salt. Try a super sweaty spin class, instead of a 3-day juice cleanse for a quick fix.

Sweating also pushes all the impurities that clog your pores to the surface, preventing breakouts. Just be sure to wash your face right after working out to keep it squeaky clean.

Find something you love to do, whether it is running, biking, dancing or hot yoga, and do it often. Your body will thank you for it!

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Good Sports

January 8, 2013


We are all aware of the benefits of exercise. Weight control and stress reduction are just a few of the reasons to break a sweat each day.

Recently, researchers have discovered physical activity may have some effect on teenage angst as well.

A survey done at the Trimbos Institute in the Netherlands found a link between mental health and exercise in teenagers.

The survey studied 7,000 students ages 11-16. Researchers found that teens that played on sports teams had greater self-esteem and more friends than those who did not. They were also less likely to engage in negative or aggressive behaviors, and were generally happier than their more sedentary peers.

While participating in group activities could be at the root of the positive behavior, it is thought that the increased activity levels were an even greater factor.

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You Talkin’ To Me?

September 21, 2012

The other day, as I toweled off and tried to catch my breath at the end of my cycling class, the teacher started talking about how “some of us needed to learn to experience the feeling of discomfort more intensely during their workouts.”

As he wound up his monologue, he stared right at me. Coincidence? Probably, but it threw me for a loop just the same.

This particular teacher is known for his “show no mercy” attitude and pushing you beyond your limits. I leave class physically drained, soaking wet, and proud of my accomplishments. I push myself, (with his help) pretty hard. He doesn’t generally come by to check up on me, or increase my resistance. I might have just been in his line of vision as he was addressing a packed room. Or, he might have singled me out silently to let me know I needed to up my game.

Whether or not he did, the effect was the same.
The next day, thighs still tight from the above-mentioned class, I got on the treadmill. Almost immediately, my left quad cramped and my hamstrings started screaming at me to stop. Did I, you may be asking? Hell no! I pushed through 4 miles absorbed in the experience of intense discomfort. All I could think about was my cycling teacher’s glare.  I powered through my workout with his words motivating me to keep going.

Later, after spending some quality time with a foam roller and a hot bath, I walked to work as usual. I had a few stops along the way, and didn’t bother to change my shoes. On the way home, I kept thinking about “the comment” again, and wondered if he could have walked 3 miles in 41/2 “ heels. That would teach him about pushing through the feeling of discomfort, wouldn’t it?

Of course I could just go up and ask him if he was addressing me specifically, or if it was just a coincidence. But I don’t really need to know the answer. His comment somehow ignited some competitive flame inside me, and is serving its intended purpose, even if it really wasn’t intended for me!

Don’t Make a Big Stink Out of It!

August 6, 2012

In this heat, it’s hard to smell daisy fresh all the time. I occasionally take a stealth sniff to make sure my deodorant is working, and carry baby wipes in my bag, for a quick refresher when I get to the office.

While there isn’t much we can do to keep from perspiring, there are some tips to keep us as odor free as possible.

Caffeine can trigger body odor, because it stimulates our sweat glands. When sweat mixes with bacteria, it smells bad. Conversely, drinking lots of water can dilute the perspiration and diminish the unpleasant odor.

Sage tea has antiseptic compounds that can help reduce sweating by relieving stress in the body. Sip the tea, or add it to your bath to reap the benefits.

Zinc is a mineral that regulates detoxification by controlling how your body handles waste. Foods high in zinc are oysters, pumpkin seeds, beans, yogurt and wheat germ.

You are what you eat, literally!  Strong smelling foods like garlic and curry can seep out of you pores and leave a strong “not-so-nice” smell in its wake.  Sulphurous foods, such as cauliflower, cabbage and broccoli can emit a gas through your skin as well.

Red meat causes stagnation in the digestive system. It putrefies in the digestive track, releasing toxins into your large intestine. All of the other “no-no’s” in a healthy diet such as refined sugar, hydrogenated oils, processed foods and white flour are also B.O. producers. Yet another reason to avoid consuming unhealthy foods.  Clean up your eating and your natural scent should improve as well.

Of course none of this replaces a good old soapy shower! Be sure to dry off completely, as the bacteria that causes body odor develops more quickly on wet skin.

While clothes may smell just fine when you take them off, as the sweat dries and then gets “re-ignited” the next time, it packs a foul punch. Trust me, those gym clothes are not ok to wear again tomorrow!

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Eat. Sweat. Blog. DONE!

October 30, 2009


Today I finished Social Workout‘s October Challenge; Eat. Sweat.Blog. I am happy to report that I achieved 21 workouts and 11 food feats, with a goal of 20 workouts and 10 food feats! (see our post on 9/30/09)

When I began the challenge October 1, I was overly confident. Workout 5 times a week? Piece of cake! Accomplish 10 food feats? Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy! Many of the feats were things I have incorporated into my life already. I can’t remember the last time I ate fast food, or drank soda. I cook dinner almost every night, and usually make healthy choices. I blog (duh). This seemed so simple. Four feats, checked off before I even began.

But then a little thing called life came along. Suddenly, there was work where none had been (yippee!!). We had a series of out of town guests. My mother-in-law passed away. My routine of going to the gym every morning at 9 a.m. and staying there as long as I wanted to was shattered. Getting to the green market or the fish market everyday was getting difficult. While I maintained all of the good eating habits that I had committed to for the “food feats”, there are some things that are better not discussed on the food front. But somehow I succeeded despite all of this.

The moral of the story? Sometimes even the best intentions go by the wayside. It is important to give yourself a little slack. Having said that, it is even more crucial to prioritize. Somehow, I found my way to the gym most days, even if it was only for 30 or 40 minutes. One day I literally spent 22 minutes on the treadmill, and 40 minutes in the locker room getting ready for a busy day. But it was better than nothing, and I made up for it on days when I had the time. I also walked everywhere, easily logging 5 miles or more per day. The exercise worked my body and calmed my mind, making it a “must do” to get through the stress of the month. Having a goal and being held accountable for it, via the Social Workout site, was a big reason to keep going.

I am eager to see what they will cook up next. Whatever it is,  I say”bring it”!

You can check indigojones’ stats on the Social Workout site.

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September 30, 2009


Eat. Sweat. Blog.

Now that sounds like something we can relate to!
The is serving up a challenge that incorporates all of the aspects of healthy living. The challenge, beginning October 1st and running through the entire month, encourages you to work out 20 times, achieve 10 of the many “food feats” they list, and blog about it on their site.

Food feats include simple lifestyle changes, such as going soda free for the month, dairy free for the week, being a localvore for the day, or working a shift at a food bank.

The site plans to post a daily food/ exercise pairing to help you get started.

Log onto The today to sign up for the challenge, and follow indigojones on their site, as we eat, sweat and blog throughout  the month.

The Social Workout Fall Challenge is sponsored by City Harvest, Equinox, Whole Foods, The Kitchn, Cleanplates and Rouge Tomate.

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