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Spin Cycle

May 3, 2013

Yet another addition to the New York City cycling scene….


With an influx of boutique spinning studios infiltrating the New York fitness scene, this newcomer has figured out how to provide the burn, and the buzz without leaving your home.

Introducing Peloton Cycle, the technological masterpiece of John Foley, former President of Barnes & Noble ecommerce, and one of the great minds behind the marketing of the Nook, and it’s downloadable eBooks.

In this innovative business model, Peloton plans to sell a high tech spin bike with a tech-enabled screen. Riders can subscribe to a service which allows them to take unlimited classes live streamed from the company’s cycling studio, or play a class on demand for $39 per month.

The bike’s console also provides customized stats, displaying your cadence, watts and calorie burn (programmed off of your height, weight, and age for accuracy.)

The center of the screen will feature the instructor, with a few cuts to the riders in the studio, to make the participant feel like part of the group.

As the competition for the best instructors heats up, Peloton plans to pay top dollar and make their instructors “global celebrities.”

If this takes off the way it’s founder believes it will, this could become the next wave of fitness fanaticism to sweep the country.

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