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Tight Pants Syndrome

June 25, 2015

Everything is a health risk these days: too much sitting, too much vigourous exercise, food and chemical issues too great to even consider listing ( although we have written about many of them.) Where does it end?
This week, the internet is flooded with warnings about skinny jeans. Seriously?
The incident refers to an Australian woman who was hospitalized after spending the day squatting in her skinnies while helping friends move. As the day wore on, her jeans began to feel tighter, as her ankles and feet began to swell. Apparently, the constriction of her jeans compressed major nerves in her knees and calves, ultimately cutting off blood flow to her lower legs and feet. After a brief hospitalization, we are happy to report that she is fully recovered from her ordeal.

While this was a real and serious incident, it is not something that is widespread. Skinny jeans have enjoyed their heyday for many years now. Most jeans, especially the skinny ones, have spandex in them to give them a little stretchability and help them retain their shape. No one, regardless of their figure, should be wearing pants so tight that they cut off their circulation. That said, squatting for hours on end is not a comfortable position to be in, and can cause issues regardless of your wardrobe choices. We have been reporting on the flare jean taking over the fashion scene. Perhaps this is your impetus to try them out!

Although this is a true story, it reminded us of a very funny episode from the now defunct Disney TV show, “Sonny With a Chance.”

Watch a clip here:


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