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Hot Tips Tuesday: Winter Feet

March 4, 2014


News flash: Spring is coming! It may take awhile, and we may sustain more polar vortex incidents along the way, but it will, in fact come. Don’t be caught by surprise when sandal season arrives and your feet are simply not ready.

The cold temperatures and dry air wreck havoc on our skin, and although they remain covered, it takes a toll on our feet. Running doesn’t help, causing blisters and callouses on top of dry, cracked soles.
Alas, there is an inexpensive and easy way to solve the problem.
Slather Vaseline or Aquaphor in a thick layer on the soles of your feet, massage a little into the tops and toes, and put on a pair of heavy socks. Depending on your preference, either go to the gym and work out, or go to sleep. The petroleum jelly will soften all the callouses, prevent chafing ( if you run: no worries about that if you just sleep!) and leave your feet baby soft after just a couple of treatments. A simple soak in the bathtub and a pumice stone will slough off the old skin and leave you with soft, presentable soles.
You’re welcome.

photo: Glasshouse Images

Not Tonight Honey, I’m Having a Spa Treatment

July 24, 2012

Sometimes the best beauty treatments can be found in your own kitchen for just a fraction of what a store bought, and often chemical laden version might cost.

Honey helps absorb water and retain moisture in your skin and hair. Mixed with other ingredients found in your kitchen, it is the perfect base for natural beauty aids.

Mix warm olive oil with honey and leave it on your damp hair for 15-30 minutes before thoroughly rinsing it out, to deep condition your tresses.

Add a dollop to your bath, to soften while you soak.

Mix honey with coarse sea salt for a natural and sweet smelling skin exfoliator.

While you are relaxing and enjoying your beauty treatment, sip a little honey, lemon and hot water. Honey raises your insulin level slightly and allows the tryptophan (that substance that makes us sleepy after eating turkey or drinking warm milk) to enter the brain more easily, promoting a good night’s sleep. It is also said to soothe a sore throat, or upset stomach.

Why not make tonight the night to spend enjoying your honey?

photo: Glasshouse Images

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