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Kitchen Tips Tuesday: Spice Rubs

December 8, 2015


Spice rubs are a great way to infuse flavor into meats and poultry. While many commercial blends are available, you can make your own using the herbs and spices that suit your taste and your specific recipe.

Here are a few tips to using seasonings:

Brush your meat or poultry with olive oil or butter to give the spices something to stick to.

Mix your seasonings in a small bowl before you start. This will allow for much more even distribution of the spices.

Remember that uncooked meats carry the risk of foodborne pathogens, such as E.coli and salmonella which are destroyed when cooked. When handling raw meats, be sure to clean everything that the meat or poultry and their juices might have touched. Using a small bowl for seasonings allows you to “double dip” without contaminating everything by touching various spice jars with the hands that are also touching the meat. Just remember to throw out the excess after you are done, to avoid spreading the bacteria to other foods.

Massaging the seasonings into the meat allows it absorb better, giving you more flavor. Even salt and pepper benefit from a little rub.

Photo: Glasshouse Images

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