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Waste Case Project: Day 3

March 28, 2012

Last night, I was a careful shopper and chef, using what I had to enhance what I bought. Some wanted tacos, and I used the shredded mozzarella cheese and arugula that I already had on hand, instead of purchasing regular lettuce and jack cheese, and having all 4 items go to waste. There is still some left, and the arugula is looking a little sadder than I’d like it to. One more day and it’s going to be history. I cut the avocado in half, and wrapped the unused portion with the seed left in, to prevent it from going brown.
I had salmon, cut to a single serving, and literally bought 5 small mushrooms and a handful of ¬†shredded kale from the”prepped and ready to cook” section at Whole Foods. While it might have cost more per pound than buying a full bunch of kale, I purchased only what I could eat in one serving, so it ended up being a better choice.

Lesson of the day: Bigger is not always better! Buying in quantity often seems like a bargain, but spending more per oz. for a smaller amount and not wasting the rest is a better deal in the long run for your wallet, your waistline and the environment. Being conscious of food waste is helping me think through grocery shopping, and causing me to be more selective about what will actually get consumed in it’s entirety.

Stay tuned: it’s only Wednesday!

photo: Glasshouse Images

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