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Project Snowflake Update

January 4, 2013
My desk at the office, filled with snowflakes!

My desk at the office, filled with snowflakes!

Yesterday marked the return to school for the Sandy Hook Elementary students. Housed in a new facility in the town of Monroe, Connecticut, the new building represents a fresh start for the children who survived the violent attack last month.

The local PTA planned to decorate the building with handmade paper snowflakes to welcome the children to their new environment.

We put out the word, and people responded. Officials stated that they had received an overwhelming amount of snowflakes from all over the world. Enough they said, to blanket the entire town of Newtown. There was love and support in each one.

Thanks to all who participated in making the day just a little bit brighter for these kids.

Project Snowflake

December 21, 2012


In January, the children of Sandy Hook Elementary School will be returning to a new facility. Please join me in easing the transition by helping to turn their new building into a winter wonderland.

The Parent Teacher Association of Connecticut is planning on filling the building with homemade snowflakes to welcome them to their new school, and assuage some of the anxiety of returning to school.

It is a small but heartfelt and meaningful gesture that truly embodies the meaning of the season.

If you would like to take a moment to make a paper snowflake, (or 10), please send them to me by January 7, and I will make sure that they get there in time.

Happy Holidays!

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