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Welcoming A New Era

June 26, 2015

Today, the Supreme Court ruled that same sex marriage is legal and recognized by all 50 states. Love wins!! Let there be cake!

ZC8X5345 Choc Cake Birthday_Blog



For information regarding this cake, and other sweet treats, please visit indigo jones eats.

Photo: Spencer Jones for Glasshouse Images

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Aisle Style

April 20, 2012

Now that marriage equality has finally been legalized in several states, people of the same gender are celebrating their commitment to one another in a more traditional way. While the world is slowly waking up to the concept of same-sex marriage, the bridal market is sadly lagging behind.

Magazines feature lots of ideas for brides marrying the man of their dreams, but what if that person waiting at the altar happens to be another woman?
Alternative fashion looks for the big day are relatively scarce. Many lesbian women are not comfortable in a dress, especially a big, fluffy white one.

Designers are slowly introducing white pant suits into their collections to meet the needs of same-sex brides, as well as those looking for a less traditional take on wedding attire.

Times they are a changing and its time for the marketplace to evolve to accommodate it. Do we see “white space” here?

Bottom photo: Carolina Herrera/ Fall 2013 bridal collection

A Long Time Coming

July 26, 2011

I couldn’t resist posting this photo of the elderly couple who was the first to marry yesterday, when same sex couples were allowed to legally wed in New York. Clearly, this was a long time coming for these ladies, who are 76 and 84 years old respectively. Congratulations to all and may we look forward to a day when we refer to gay marriage as just “a wedding”!

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