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Stand Up Straight

June 4, 2015


I was scrolling though a website and a headline jumped out at me:

“How Wearing High Heels Can Make Your Boobs Sag.”

Yep, that certainly got my attention. Reading the article was even more concerning.

I will cut to the chase, rather than build unneccessary suspense. Bad posture leads to sagging breasts, belly pooch and neck and shoulder pain. The shoes are just one of many contributors to posture problems.

Sitting all day, is the number one cause of slouching. We slouch over our computors, our food and the steering wheels of our cars. This causes our muscles to stiffen, and eventually for us to feel neck and shoulder pain when we try to sit up straight.  This makes our bust lines sit a little lower that originally intended.
Sitting also tightens the fronts of our hips. This perfect storm of tight hips in the front, and weakness in our backs causes our pelvis to jut forward, pushing our abdomens out with it, and making that lower belly pooch that all the crunches in the world will not abliterate.

Wearing high heels makes our ankles tighten up, setting off a chain reaction with the muscles leading up our legs. A tight lower back completes the picture, making us slump forward even more, accentuating the afore mentioned belly pooch and making the breasts sag a little lower.

Depressing, right?
There are a few ways you can fight back.

Remind yourself to sit up taller and straighter throughout the day. Pull your shoulders back, and pick your chin up off your chest. Feel the muscles open up, and your upper body lengthen. The “girls” will come up naturally, to a more flattering position.

Stretch your hip flexors, with laying hip raises, or runner’s lunges. You can also bend one leg and place your foot on the opposite knee and squat down as if you are going to sit in a chair. Feel the stretch through your hip.

Stand with your back to the wall and stretch your arms up over your head. Try to raise and lower your arms while maintaining contact with the wall. Go as far as you can and continue to expand your range of motion each day.

As for the heels? When I wear high heels I stand a little taller and am more conscious of my gait. I’m not giving them up so quickly.

Photo:  Glasshouse Images

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French Women Don’t Sag, and other folktales.

April 22, 2013


A French study published last week claims bras are a detriment to keeping women’s breasts from sagging.
The study followed 330 women, ages 18-35 over a 15-year period. Their breasts were measured using a slide rule and caliper, to document any physical changes.

The women who did not wear bras were found to have a 7-millimeter lift as measured from the nipple, and their breasts were thought to be firmer, with a marked fading of stretch marks, as compared to their bra-wearing counterparts.

Researchers believe that wearing bras limited the growth of breast tissue, and caused deterioration of the supporting muscles.

While those responsible for the study view the data as preliminary, (after 15 years?!) they caution women not to abandon their bras just yet.

Whether or not the information is valid, there is a social and cultural aspect to wearing the undergarments. The way our clothes fit, the way our body feels and the sense of “overexposure” might make many women uncomfortable with losing their support system.

As one commenter on the New York Times website stated: “ Have the people who did the research ever seen the pictures of women in National Geographic? Not wearing bras definitely didn’t firm theirs.”

So ladies, this begs the question: Are you willing to give up your bra if it’s proven to contribute to sagging?

photo: Glasshouse Images

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