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A Real Stinker

September 6, 2012

The Internet is abuzz with news about a man whose gym membership was revoked, due to his poor hygiene.

Shawn Morales, an L.A. based  “actor, model and event producer” was asked to leave Gold’s Gym, due to numerous complaints about his unpleasant body odor.
Mr. Morales claims he was never spoken to about the problem until the gym canceled his membership. He is contemplating a law suit.

This story brings about an interesting dilemma regarding gym etiquette.

Recently, a man walked into the cycling studio at my gym, and caused a group reaction to his stench. He entered with a few people, all on the waiting list and nobody was sure who the stinker was. As he passed through the room, people around me started to comment on a strange smell in the room. This was not fresh sweat. It was a strong odor of unwashed and reused gym clothes, and smelly socks.  I observed others across the studio looking, wrinkling their noses and sniffing their own armpits for fear that they were the culprits. Spinning is a sweaty endeavor, and heavy breathing is required. To start the class with that strong odor permeating the room made it difficult for those around him to breathe. Should he have been asked to leave?
In my opinion: no. But he should be spoken to about his hygiene, and the effect it has on other members. An uncomfortable conversation at best, but one that needs to be had none the less.

Have you ever been on the treadmill or bike next to someone with gas? Or someone who ate too much garlic the night before? No more pleasant than the body odor dude, but much more temporary.

Should people in public gym environments have to adhere to basic grooming and hygiene rules to keep their membership? Should the rest of us have to suffer because they don’t? What is acceptable, and what is just too much to tolerate?
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