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Kitchen Tips Tuesday: Cleaning a Reusable Water Bottle

September 2, 2014

bottles, water, glassTo avoid plastic bottles, I tote a reusable water bottle to the gym. Mine is stainless steel, and sports the logo of my favorite charity, Cycle for Survival on the outside. Using a metal or glass bottle is better for the environment, and for your health. That is, if it’s kept clean.

Although I wash it out every night, sometimes it needs a little more love to keep it germ free.

Before leaving for a short vacation, I left it filled with water and baking soda to disinfect it. When I went to rinse it out, the water inside the bottle was the color of tea. Yuck! To completely clean your bottle and kill the germs that might be harboring in the bottom, try a few of these simple tips:

Soap and Water: Of course, good old soap and water is always a safe bet. Add a few drops of dish soap and let it soak.

If you ever use the bottle with flavored water, or other drinks, it might need one of the other methods to remove the taste and coloring left in the bottom of the bottle.

Baking Soda: As mentioned above, baking soda and water are a great way to clean the bottle. Add a nice amount of baking soda and fill the bottle with water. Give it a few shakes and let it sit.

Vinegar: A vinegar and water mixture is also an effective way to disinfect your bottle. If you are really adventurous, add a little baking soda for some fizzing action. ( Be sure to use white vinegar!)

Denture cleaning tablets: Drop one denture cleaning tablet into a full bottle of water and let it do it’s magic.

Whatever method you choose, be sure to thoroughly rinse the bottle to get any residue out, and to avoid having an unpleasant flavor when you add water. Pour out any excess and allow it to air dry completely.

Don’t forget to wash the cap and outside of the bottle as well.

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Clean and Green

September 4, 2012

While I admit to feeling virtuous toting a reusable bag at the grocery store, and a refillable water bottle at the gym, they can harbor harmful bacteria.

It’s great to be kind to the environment, but it’s also important to keep these items healthy too.

Cloth or plastic coated grocery bags are a smart and eco-friendly alternative to the dilemma of paper or plastic? Yet, many of the bags tested contain high amounts of fecal bacteria. Strains of E-coli or salmonella can be passed onto the bags, (mostly from meat) and can later contaminate other items.

Make sure that you wash your reusable bags after each use. The cloth ones can be tossed into the washing machine with hot water and soap. The plastic coated bags should be rinsed out, wiped with an anti-bacterial solution, and dried thoroughly.

Reusable water bottles save us money, while saving the landfills about 92 bottles per year. Metal bottles are best, avoiding the BPA’s often found in plastic bottles.

Wash you bottle after each use with soap and water and rinse it well. Bottles can also be cleaned and sanitized by using either a baking soda and water, or white vinegar and water solution. Pour it into the bottle, shake it a bit to allow the solution to circulate, and let it sit for several minutes before rinsing well to get the residue out. Let the bottle air dry with the top off, to prevent it from getting a musty odor.

Be sure to clean the outside and the lip of the bottle to make sure unwanted bacteria doesn’t find its way into your drink.

It’s nice to be clean and green!

photo: Glasshouse Images

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