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That’s The Way The Cookie Crumbles

December 29, 2015


Is it time to step away from the cookie jar? I’m looking at you here, who has been a prolific baker and has enough cookies to feed the neighborhood, or gain 5 pounds snacking on them. Or you, who recieved an abundance of homemade love in the form of sweet treats.

Why not repurpose them into a delicious crust for pie or cheesecake. Similiar to a more traditional graham cracker crust, cookie crusts are easy to make and don’t even require baking. Simply process the cookies into crumbs, and add melted butter to create a simple, press-in( no rolling!) crust for future treats. Plain, un-iced sugar or shortbread cookies work well, as do chocolate, or gingerbread cookies. Feel free to add a little cinnamon, spice and everything nice to the plainer options if you wish.

For every 2 cups of cookie crumbs, add 3 tablespoons of melted butter and press into a pie plate, cheesecake pan, or even a rectangular pan for delicous bar cookies. You can even freeze it to be filled and enjoyed at a later date. You’ll have a new, almost effortless dessert for a future meal, and save yourself from slipping into a sugar coma now.

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