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Kitchen Tips Tuesday: Keeping Avocados Green

July 7, 2015



The world seems to be having a love fest with avocados. Everywhere you look there are recipes, menu items and articles about their health benefits. If the outrage towards the New York Times article last week suggesting the use of peas in guacamole is any indication, we Americans take our avocados very seriously. Even President Obama got into the act, taking to his Twitter account to let them know that peas were not an acceptable addition to his guac!

The only problem we can find with the creamy green fleshed fruit, is keeping it that way. Avocados go brown quite quickly when exposed to air. There are lots of ideas about what keeps the guac green, and how to store leftover avocado, once it has been cut. Some work better than others. While we have written about some of these from time to time, here is a comprehensive guide to keeping avocados from going brown.

Lemon juice: The acid in lemon juice has been known to keep avocados from turning color. Squirt a liberal amount over the exposed flesh, and hope for the best!

Onions:Others advise placing the avocado in an airtight container with cut onion. Keep the flesh of the avocado away from the onion to avoid it picking up the flavor. Once the container is sealed, the vapors emitted from the onion should keep the avocado from changing color.

Leaving in the pit is another way to go. This protects most of the avocado, but the area surrounding the pit does start to go brown.

Placing plastic wrap directly on the avocado or guacamole is another alternative. Supposedly, it protects it from the air in a way that just covering it doesn’t.

Food 52 recommends brushing the exposed area with olive oil as another way to keep it from oxidizing.

Some people swear by removing the pit and placing the flesh side flat on a plate before covering it.

Many place the avocado into an ice water bath. Place the cut side into the cold water, cover and refrigerate.

One person claims that pickle juice is the answer. While this may just work, your avocado will taste like a pickle. We’ll pass on this one.

Lastly, the very best way to keep an avocado from oxidizing, is to eat it!

Photo: : Glasshouse Images

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Kitchen Tips Tuesday: Cutting Edge

December 9, 2014


Steel Ruler


We’re all about winging it in the kitchen where appropriate ( hello, unrecipes!) but sometimes we need to be more precise.

When cutting baked goods, candies or other foods into squares, cover a ruler in plastic cling wrap and use it to mark off perfectly even portions. You can even cut right along the straight edge , or etch a straight line to follow.

The plastic wrap keeps the ruler and the food clean, and still allows you to see the markings.

Pretty smart, we think!

photo: glasshouse images


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Kitchen Tips Tuesday: Go Bananas

August 6, 2013


We eat a lot of bananas around here, and they seem to get over-ripe even faster than we can consume them. This tip from Be Well Philly might be life changing!
The culprit in converting ripe, firm bananas into mushy almost banana bread batter is ethylene gas, which is released from the stems, and causes the rest of the banana to ripen faster.
We have talked about this before, and suggested separating the bananas from one another, and keeping them quarantined from other fruits to avoid them from ripening too quickly. This tip seems to take that concept to another level:

After separating the bananas from the stalk, wrap each stem tightly with plastic wrap to prevent the gas from escaping. The author suggests cutting strips of plastic wrap to size, so that it is a little easier to handle.

While it seems a bit time consuming, it may be a lot easier than running to the store for more bananas, or turning the mushy ones into banana bread!

photo: Glasshouse Images

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