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Chaos Restored

October 10, 2009


We rented our loft out for a photoshoot today. After spending all day yesterday scrubbing and making the house pristine, all was for naught by about 8:01 am! With a crew of 20, (including 7 models) it didn’t take long to turn this place into a studio.


Hair dressers in the master bathroom, makeup in my closet/dressing room…Bailey’s room and the den a wardrobe room, and everywhere else, chaos!

Some shots were fun and some were quintessential sexy Cosmo!

Check out some of the out takes from our crazy day…..


Sites We Love

July 27, 2009

Student Art Gallery

Student Art gallery

Elizabeth Eiten / RISD ••• Vreni Michelini / Virginia Commonwealth Univ.

A site that provides a forum for emerging student artists to showcase their work, and has a philanthropic twist? Count us in!!

We love the Student Art Gallery, launched last June by two Arizona entrepreneurs, Jeff Skoglind, and Danny Wojtenowski.

Their mission is simple: to bring art to the forefront and support it’s evolution, while giving exposure to student artists and providing a means to sell their work.  Did we mention that a contribution from each sale is gifted back to the artist’s school?

Currently, the site features a highly curated selection of 150 pieces, but the founders hope to represent 1500 works by the fall.
It’s a great way to support the future careers of up and coming artists, find affordable artwork, and help fund the arts programs while you shop. What’s not to love?

Check it out!

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