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Poop Patrol

July 10, 2013


We love dogs; it’s their owners we often take offense with. Living in a ground floor loft with a private entrance in New York City has its challenges.  People allow their pets to use our front door as a urinal, and it is not uncommon to find a little “gift” sitting on our threshold as we step outside in the morning. It is amazing to think that pet owners are so oblivious that they allow their dogs to do their business on people’s personal property, and not even bother to clean it up. I seriously considered retaliating with dirty diapers when my daughter was a baby, but two wrongs don’t make a right, do they?

The people of Madrid feel our pain! They launched a huge campaign to remind owners to pick up after their pets. When they saw only temporary success from their mobile poop trolling the streets, (yes, motorized plastic dog poop with signs reminding people to clean up after their dogs) they took the scheme to the next level.

Agents were hired to follow citizens and identify the offenders. The poop was then scooped, and boxed. The agents then approached the dog owners, and engaged them in conversation, finding out the dog’s name and breed. The information was entered into the town’s registered animal database, which revealed the name and address of the owner.

The poop was then mailed back to them bearing the return address of the town’s “Lost and Found Department,” with a note letting them know that next time there would be a find.  Incidences of dog fouling decreased 70% in the region since the program began.

We might just have to try this one sometime!

photo: glasshouse images

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For The Birds

July 14, 2009


Other than our daughter Bailey, who came into our lives 8 years ago, living things have not done well in our house. Plants have withered and turned brown. Fish have been found floating belly up in their glass bowls. The first, Swimmy the goldfish lived one week. His namesake, Swimmy II, lasted a mere 3 days. So it should come as no surprise that when the magazine editor offered us the beautiful parakeet my husband was photographing, I was a little apprehensive.

Knowing how excited Bailey would be to finally own another pet, I defiantly declared that I would NOT be taking care of it, and accepted this creature into our lives. Bailey was thrilled, and named her new friend Astro.

Later that evening, we noticed that Astro was not eating his bird seed. According to the websites we consulted, it is not unusual for a bird to need some time to adjust to his surroundings, so we decided to wait another day. Day 2 goes by, and still no eating. It might be a good time to note that although he is not eating, somehow he is pooping up a storm, into the cage that nobody has yet gotten around to lining with newspaper. Again, I mention that I am NOT taking care of him.

That evening, I finely chop some romaine lettuce and put it in the cage. In the middle of the night, there is a great flapping of wings awakening the whole family, and small shreds of lettuce are spewed about, but it appears that Astro has finally eaten!!!

Day 4 arrives and here I am, carefully chiffonading lettuce, finely dicing apples and juilliening carrots for our gourmet bird. Oh yeah, did I mention that I am NOT going to take care of him?

Photo: Spencer Jones / Glasshouse Images

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