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Wrongs and Rights

June 28, 2013


This has been a bad week, if you are closed minded, bigoted or exclusionary.

Americans are “just saying no” to racism, inequality and prejudice. In case you have been in a coma, or live under a rock, here is a rundown of this week’s big events:

Paula Deen admitted to using the “N-word” and having a penchant for “plantation style” service (code for black men in tuxedoes and white gloves serving white supremacists their dinners). In a series of apologies posted to YouTube, Deen asked for forgiveness again, and again and again. Her crocodile tears and drag queen makeup that stayed intact for the entire ordeal did not succeed in having the desired effect. Her subsequent appearance on the Today Show where she used biblical references to justify her situation, and claimed to be confused as to what is acceptable vocabulary after hearing her black kitchen staff use the “N-word” among themselves, was like rubbing salt in the country’s wounds. Her endorsement deals began dropping like flies, and at this moment The Food Network, Novo Nordisk, Smithfield Pork, Target, Wal-Mart, and Caesar’s have all bid adieu to the Southern belle. In the meantime, sales of Deen’s latest book have sky rocketed, her cruises have sold out, and lines of fat white folks are lining up outside her restaurants in a show of solidarity.

Big business is standing up and saying that racism of any kind is unacceptable and making an example of Deen by hitting her in her pocket book.
No word yet from the butter industry, on the demise of their iconic queen.

The Supreme Court voted to end the Defense of Marriage act, now allowing all married couples, regardless of their sexual orientation, the same rights. Just typing that sentence feels ridiculous. Did we really need to go to the Supreme Court to know that denying benefits to some, based on whom they love is just plain wrong?

While there is still much work to be done on the equality front, this is a giant step in the right direction. Cue the Gay Pride parade, set to happen this weekend in New York.

The Supreme Court also tackled voting issues and ruled that the act to protect minority-voting rights was unconstitutional and unnecessary.  Given the previous stories, maybe they need to rethink that one. One small step backwards, perhaps?

Democratic Senator Wendy Davis became an overnight media sensation when she successfully filibustered a vote that would close abortion clinics across the state of Texas, and ban abortion after 20 weeks. People applauded her accomplishment, and women all over the country want to walk in her shoes: pink Mizuna Wave Riders to be exact.

Republicans are in an uproar, and are trying to reschedule the vote, with the hopes of passing the bill, denying women in Texas the right to choose.

American seems to be at a threshold, similar to that of the mid 1950’s when equal rights were at the forefront. This week, it seems that many people are waking up to the fact that injustices based on race, religion, or sexual preferences are not acceptable. We can only hope that the other part of our country will soon follow suit.

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Like Buttah

June 10, 2013


Paula Deen, the first lady of fatty foods has embarked on a new venture. Her line of flavored butters launched this week, and will be sold at Walgreen’s and Walmart stores across the country.

It’s only fitting that Ms. Deen would offer designer butter as one of her early forays into the packaged food market.

The butters come in a variety of flavors and are meant to add the finishing touch to cooking, or to be spread on baked goods.

Deen says of her Sweet Citrus Zest butter:
“My Sweet Citrus Zest butter is hard to practice in moderation – it’s so good on a biscuit or cornbread and it’s the perfect butter to have in the morning – it feels so fresh and clean on your palette.”

She also offers Garden Herb, Lemon Dill, European Style with Sea Salt, and something called “Southern Grillin’.”

Deen has been touting using butter at the end of the recipe to moderate butter consumption. Instead, she has been cooking with other fats, such as bacon fat and using the butter at the end to add flavor and a slick finish to meats and vegetables.

While a bit contradictory to her recent bid for healthier cooking, we have no doubt these will be a great success with her fans.

Portions of the proceeds go to The Bag Lady Foundation, which helps families in need.

That’s a good thing Y’all!


Fat Chance

January 19, 2012

Celebrity chef Paula Deen has recently announced that she has type II diabetes, a condition that is related to obesity and a lack of physical activity in 95% of the cases diagnosed.

Ms. Deen is known and loved for her style of home cooking and comfort foods that are high in calories and fat.  Butter, cream and sugar are key ingredients in her signature dishes.

With recipes like Fried Mac ‘n Cheese, Fisher Nutter Bacon Cheese Ball and Deep Fried Cheesecake, it seems that it was just a matter of time before her eating habits affected her health.

What is most surprising, is that Ms. Deen was diagnosed over 2 years ago, and kept doling out creations like her Lady’s Brunch Burger; an egg, bacon and a hamburger patty sitting between 2 glazed donuts, without batting an eyelash over what the consequences of eating like that might be.

This week, she came out of the proverbial pantry about her condition, when she announced a deal to endorse a diabetes drug.

She has claimed that diabetes will not influence the way she cooks in the future. Seriously?

Here is a woman who should be using her notoriety to show people how to eat more healthfully, rather than endorsing a drug to treat a disease she is perpetuating among her fans.

We are not saying that Ms. Deen caused her own condition, or that she is single handedly causing a diabetic epidemic. We are stating that diet and exercise play a major role in the cause and treatment of many cases of type II diabetes and Ms. Deen has an opportunity to embrace a healthier lifestyle and show others how to do the same. How about a cooking show where she does healthy makeovers of her own fat bombs?

Wouldn’t it be great if instead of hearing her say, “ Add a stick—a buttah,” she told us to “ Add a dollop of fat free yogurt” instead?

photo: The Guardian

Butter Balls

October 9, 2010

Just when you think it’s impossible to come up with the ultimate artery clogging confection, we stumble upon this year’s State Fair sensation: Fried Butter!
Yes, you can actually fry butter!

The Food Network’s resident butter lover Paula Deen has created her own recipe for fried butter balls, incorporating a little cream cheese into the mix.

Intrigued? We’ve printed the recipe, just in case you want to try them yourself.

Let us know how they are…

Paula Deen’s Fried Butter Balls

2 sticks of butter

2 oz. cream cheese

Salt and pepper

1-cup flour

1 egg beaten

1 cup seasoned bread crumbs

Peanut oil, for frying

Cream the butter, cream cheese and salt and pepper in the electric mixer until smooth. Use a small ice cream scoop or melon baller to form 1” balls. Arrange them on a sheet pan lined with wax paper and freeze until solid.

Coat the frozen balls in flour, egg and then bread crumbs and freeze again until solid.

Preheat the oil in a deep fryer to 350 degrees.
Fry balls for 10-15 seconds until golden brown. Drain on paper towels before serving.


photo: Glasshouse Images

Where’s The Beef?

October 3, 2010

Next up on the apparent assault on our health and our waistlines, is Burger King’s new Pizza Burger. Debuting next month at the New York flagship Whopper Bar, this sandwich boasts 2520 calories, 3780 mgs. of salt, and 144 grams of fat.

Currently only available in New York (lucky us!) this  $13 concoction consists of 4 whopper sized burgers on a 9 ½ “ diameter bun. It is smothered in pepperoni, mozzarella and marinara sauce, and sliced into 6 wedges like a pizza.

Sound gross?

Not as gross as the sandwich recently introduced by the West Michigan Whitecaps, a minor league baseball team.

The Fifth Third Burger, made of over 2 pounds of beef, comes with chili and Fritos among other fixings and contains 4889 calories!

Think this one takes the cake? Not so fast…. Far and away, the winner of this pig out and gross out contest is the Craz –E – Burger, brought to you by Krispy Kreme.

Although it is only a mere 1500 calories per serving, this bacon cheeseburger sits in a buttered Krispy Crème donut!

Although this particular version is popularized by Food Network star Paula Deen (whose recipes generally begin with “you take a stick of buttah”); many others take credit for inventing the donut burger. Another sports team, the Gateway Grizzlies serve it at their ballpark and take the extra step of deep-frying it!!

Moving ahead, the Grizzlies now offer a burger, smothered in salsa, sour cream, chili and Fritos, which packs 4889 calories, and costs $20, cardiologist visit not included.

What’s next you ask? I am saving the very best one for another post!

Food, Wine and Fun

October 10, 2009


The second annual Food Network New York City Wine and Food Festival is in full swing this weekend, in various locations around the city.

This event brings together both legendary culinary icons from around the world, and America’s most beloved television chefs.  The festival is hosted by, and benefits hunger relief organizations The Food Bank of New York, and Share Our Strength.

Centered primarily in the Meatpacking District of New York, and the famed Chelsea Market, there are workshops for adults and kids, as well as guest chef appearances, restaurant events, and an outdoor farmer’s market.

Come out and taste great food and wine, meet celebrity chefs such as Martha Stewart, Rachel Ray, Paula Deen and Tom Colicchio, take a kid’s cooking class, and help end hunger.  It’s a foodie paradise!!

The event runs from October 8-11.

For more information and a listing of events, visit their website:


Photos: Spencer Jones

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