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Healthy Reset: Week 3

July 20, 2015


Week three began with a lot of stress. There are looming deadlines across both businesses, all culminating in three big meetings this week. It is hard to even think about the shopping and preparing that should be done to keep me on track. I have no specific cravings, but I do have a longing for something that tastes different. I am not sure what I might do differently, but I do know I am in a food rut. The joy of pure food, healthy eating and scrupulous preparation has reduced itself to an “eating for fuel” mindset. I am mulitasking (highly discouraged on Whole30) by typing this as I eat a bland chicken breast with tomatoes and a couple of olives for zip; all I could scrounge together before work this morning.

Wednesday night I met friends at a Japanese place for drinks,which basically translated to a glass of sparkling water with lemon. A quick pre-scan of the menu ( a slightly obsessive habit, but one which allows me to think about what I can eat in advance,) showed that there was absolutely nothing I could eat there. Soy sauce, even the gluten free kind, is off limits (legumes) and rice is out of the question. Even plain steamed edamame is a no-no. I guess it is a good thing that I couldn’t stick around for dinner anyways.


On the way home, I called my husband and asked him to order in. He read me the menu of the local place we order from that has lots of greenmarket specials, as well as a very vegetarian friendly selection on their main menu. As he reads, I realize there is a deal breaker item in every dish. Asian=soy sauce, Greek, Caesar or Cobb salad= cheese. Crispy=breaded or battered. Many of the salads have farro or quinoa, which is also off limits. I finally had a grilled chicken breast with broccoli, green beans (the only acceptable legume) and slivered almonds. I am sure they were cooked in something I shouldn’t eat, but hey, YOLO! At least it was something different, and I didn’t have to cook it.


At 11:30 p.m. I was simultaneously, working, blogging, baking and helping my daughter pack for a trip. A glass of wine would have been really, really nice at that point. The good news is that I have had a lot of energy, and I haven’t needed an antacid in awhile. When I get overwhelmed, I tend to throw caution to the wind and eat poorly, and then feel horrible post binge. This is forcing me to stay the course, even during a tough week. Things calm down next Thursday, and I finish Whole30 the following week.


On Friday night, I wrapped up with the knowledge that it was going to be  a working weekend. The weather was beautiful, and it was a great night to go for a walk, grab some dinner and a glass of wine to unwind. Trying to find a place where I can eat was not the easiest task,  but not impossible. I just had to be “one of those people” who makes special requests. The wine, was, sadly not possible. And I really, really wanted that glass of wine. Oh well, two out of three ain’t bad!


So far this week, I have made graham crackers and marshmallows for s’mores, chocolate marble cheesecake brownies, and fortune cookies for Indigo Jones Eats. I am developing recipes to go with Pinkberry’s new summer flavors, and I  experimented with graham cracker crust mini frozen yogurt cakes with a strawberry coulis, and freeform cookie cups, with blueberry frozen yogurt and a blueberry sauce. (Recipes coming soon to the blog!) I did not lick a spoon, or taste a crumb, let alone indulge in anything more than that early squirt of Sriracha.  I had to rely on expertise and instinct in my cooking, rather than being able to taste and perfect as I go along. I know this is a good thing, as those little tastes tend to add up, and trigger cravings that make me go “off the rails” a bit.


Twenty one days down, nine to go! This coming week involves three all-day meetings where it may be difficult to eat a compliant lunch, and awkward to bring my own. I am armed with lots of vegetables and fruits to keep things easy. Stay tuned…this could be interesting!

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Healthy Reset: How Its Going End of Week One

July 6, 2015


Fourth of July presented its challenges. I invited a few friends over for dinner, and like a bad take on the old joke about three people walking into a room, we had the vegetarians, the carnivores and me. Miss Paleo Extremo. A menu where vegetarians and carnivores eat blissfully together is one of the easiest to plan. I usually prepare a variety of salads and vegetable side dishes that everyone will love, and make sure there are plant based protiens and some kind of grain or pasta to round out the meal, while making something meaty for the others. This time, everything I tried to make had something in it I couldn’t have. I finally gave up, and prepared the dinner I wanted to serve my guests, and dealt with my own meal separately.

I made a kale and mint salad, and put the non compliant ingredients (chickpeas, edamame and dried cranberries) on the side. A tomato and basil salad had the mozzarella in a separate bowl, and I pulled out a piece of precooked salmon for my protien. Everything else I just simply avoided. It was a casual dinner, and everyone was fine with my dietary restrictions. It was made easier by my being the hostess, and not the guest. I don’t want to be “that person” with all the food issues at someone else’s home or a in restaurant with a group. Its only a few weeks, so I will make it work without inconveniencing others if possible.

I made quinoa patties, which I have never done before. Since I couldn’t taste them, I couldn’t correct the seasonings or the texture. I am eager to make them again, and experiment with the flavors a bit. Recipe to come when I get it right! Note to guests: If I try out an untested recipe on you, consider yourself “family.”

Honestly, I didn’t feel deprived or tempted a bit. I committed to this for a short period of time, and since I was able to plan for it, I was fine. Five adults consumed five bottles of wine and champagne, at a five hour meal so there was a long period of sitting at the table, idle. There was a plate of bar cookies, s’mores and brownies that everyone nibbled at, but there was also a bowl of strawberries to keep me occupied. In the end, no biggie. BUT. I have been convinced that my burning stomach is food related. It always seems to come when I am eating decadently. Like chocolate and red wine type decadently. Last night, around 2 a.m. the burning started. Definately not food related. Hopefully, it was an isolated incident.

Here is what I didn't eat... Info on

Here is what I didn’t eat…
Info on

This weekend had brunch out twice,as usual. I had an egg white omelette with vegetables one day, with a salad on the side.  I did not ask what fat they cooked the omelette in, or for every ingredient in their viniagrette.  It was a decent restaurant, and not a greasy spoon diner, so I am assuming it was house made. Honestly, if they used a tiny bit of butter, or non compliant oil to cook my omelette, I am going to need to live with it. This is supposed to be about a reset, eliminating cravings for less healthy foods, finding out what might be causing inflammation, and developing a healthy relationship with food. Asking a restaurant to cook eggs in a specific type of oil, feels way too obsessive. No going to do it.

Although I am not supposed to get on the scale, I did, and I am down a few pounds. I am pleased with the number, but I still feel like my stomach is a little puffy and bloated. I am hoping that the next week or two resolves that, as I get used to the increased quantities of fruits and vegetables. I am also assuming that the weight loss will stabilize. A couple more pounds would be welcome; five more would be too much for a small person like me.

One week down, one more to go! So far, so good.

Whole 30ers report that they have more energy, and clarity in week two, combined with an overall lighter feeling in general. I look forward to that, as I am coming up on some big project deadlines the following week. Stay tuned…

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