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Kitchen Tips Tuesday: Fruit Ice

June 24, 2014


Summer is here and the days are starting to heat up. It’s more important than ever to drink lots of water to keep cool, and stay hydrated. This trick adds a little fun and flavor to your water pitcher, by freezing pieces of fruit right into the ice cubes.

In a large ice cube tray, place slices of lemon, lime,orange or other fruit into the wells of the tray. Add water and freeze until solid.

The end result are beautiful fruit filled ice cubes that add a hint of taste to your water as they melt.

Delicious and nutritious! Yum!

photo: Glasshouse Images


Making Sense of Sensory Cues

August 29, 2013

oranges, fruits, healthy

Can a scent help dieters resist sweets? Researcher Nicola Buckland seems to think so.

In a recent study, Buckland gave subjects a sniff of fresh oranges or chocolate.

Afterwards, she offered them the opportunity to help themselves to both foods.

Those that smelled the oranges indulged 60% less than those who smelled the chocolate. In this case, the scent of oranges reminded dieters to limit their intake of forbidden foods.

It has also been shown that amniotic fluids can transfer both flavors and aromas from mothers to their unborn fetuses.  This early exposure is thought to have an effect on children’s palettes.

It is still unknown what other sensory cues influence our food choices, but grocery stores have been tempting us with the smell of freshly baked bread for years.

Next time you have a craving, stop and try smelling something healthy, such as an orange and see if it helps it to dissipate.

photo: Glasshouse Images 

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