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Sow Your Oats

October 6, 2016

Oatmeal is a breakfast staple. We have instant oats, overnight oats, oatmeal bars, and good old fashioned Quaker oats in the iconic cardboard canister.

Oatmeal is a great way to start the day, as it is full of healthy fiber, and protein. Classic toppings tend to err on the sweet side, with fruit, nuts, and brown sugar being the most popular. This can cause spikes in blood sugar, and depending on how much of sweet stuff you are using, it can turn your healthy breakfast into a calorie bomb.

Maybe it’s time to rethink the oats, by creating savory versions that are filling and nutritionally balanced. These taste so good, you might want to consider oatmeal for dinner!

Cookie+ Kate topped thier savory oats with an egg and a pile of greens.savory-steel-cut-oatmeal-recipe

Healthy Nibbles and Bits mixed in peppers and onions before adding white cheddar cheese and topping it with an egg.


The Full Helping’s mushroom, kale and miso oatmeal has us drooling!


The Mija Chronicle’s oatmeal has a Thai influence, using peanuts, cilantro and ginger as flavoring.img_80491

Healthy foodie Mark Bittman tosses scallions and soy sauce into his morning oats, as he pursues his goal of eating a vegan diet by day, and carnivorous one by night.


The Oatmeal Artist uses butternut squash in their take on the concept, as well as other versions on their oatmeal exclusive blog.


I’m inspired! What will you add to your oatmeal?

Photo: Glasshouse Images

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Sow Your Oats

February 27, 2011


Mc Donalds recently added oatmeal to their fast food breakfast line-up. So why does this “bowl of wholesome” as their marketing refers to it, contain 22 ingredients?

I just checked my box of the Quakers Old Fashioned Oats, and it contains just one;

“100% natural whole grain Quaker quality rolled oats.”

To prepare it, you need to add water, and cook it for about 5 minutes.  Easy, right?

So how did McDonalds take one of the simplest and healthiest foods and make it so complicated, and nutritionally deficient?

In making it more compatible with the average American taste palette, they have added cream, sweetened dried fruit and brown sugar, and a variety of unpronounceable ingredients that preserve, color and flavor the cereal.

There are also 32 grams of sugar, 6 grams of fat, 160 grams of sodium and almost 300 calories per serving.

Conversely, a Snicker’s bar has only 19 ingredients, 30 grams of sugar, and 280 calories. While hardly a sound breakfast choice, by comparison it’s not an unreasonable one.

The entire 42 oz. tub of Quaker oats contains about 30 servings and cost $5.89, at an overpriced New York City grocery store. Do the math, and it equates to less than 20 cents per bowl.

The McDonalds version costs $2.38 per serving, and I would gather that it takes at least 5 minutes to wait in line, order, and pay for it.

Unless you have a major craving for sodium stearoyl actylate, or carrageenan, the homemade version wins hands down.

Which one are you going to have this week?

photo: Glasshouse Images

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