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Someone’s In The Kitchen With Jonesie

March 11, 2010

Someone’s in the kitchen with Jonesie and I LIKE it!! I love to cook, and our large open kitchen is a hub for many of our friends to congregate, and reap the benefits of my passion.

Lately, I have been working like crazy, and juggling all of the other things that life tosses at us. Ok, I admit it….. I am tired!!!
This week, I had the great privilege to have a gentleman or two cook me dinner.
Sunday, Alex made a gourmet feast of roasted beet salad, wild mushroom risotto, Swiss chard and braised beef. On Friday evening, as I raced out of work at 8 pm (unfinished, I might add) he was in my kitchen, roasting whole Red Snapper on a bed of potatoes with a salad and carrot, apple and cumin scented soup.

Sunday rolled around again, and I had a strategy meeting with people from out of town.
And what do you know, lucky me, Peter came by and made a German meal of roasted pork, cabbage with caraway seeds and potato dumplings the size of softballs!

Cooking is something I do, to make delicious and (usually) healthy choices, and the act of preparing food can be very creative and even relaxing for me. Feeding my family and friends is something I do to nurture and appreciate them. But did I mention how TIRED I am lately?
It was such a rare and wonderful experience to be on the receiving end of someone else’s hospitality in my own home.

Thank you Alex and Peter, for feeding my body and my soul.

photo: Glasshouse Images


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