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Hit the Fan

July 18, 2013


Mosquitoes love me. They adore Bailey; Spencer, not so much. It seems that balmy evenings outdoors can be hindered for some of us by the sharp fangs of a tiny little bug.

Today’s Science section of the New York Times related a story about a lovely backyard barbecue, sans mosquitoes, and harmful chemicals.

The hosts placed an oscillating fan on the table, which kept the bugs at bay.

The Mosquito Control Association ( yes, that really exists!) claims that the little insects are weak, slow fliers, and the added wind from the fan is a deterrent. It also speculates that the fan blows away the human emanations that the female mosquitoes zero in on. It seems that only the females bite, using our blood for their eggs.

Whatever the reason, if this low tech, natural remedy works, we are all in.

Give it a try at your next outdoor event, and let us know how it works.

photo: glasshouse images

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Weather Weary

November 8, 2012

Last night, our still fragile city was hit by a Nor’easter, leaving us blanketed in wet, slushy, snow and beaten up by high winds.

This garbage can of abandoned umbrellas, turned inside out by the wind says it all…

Mother Nature; Give us a break!!

Hurricane Sandy: The Aftermath

November 1, 2012

It’s the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, and the most vital city in the country has been left wounded and limping.

Our power went out Monday evening, and we have no idea when it will be coming back on. This morning, (Wednesday) I walked uptown, where it was rumored there was electricity, and took solace at Equinox on Lexington and 44th Street, where we are all grappling for power outlets and hot showers.  It feels like an upscale homeless shelter, and in many ways it is.

We seemed to have survived the storm without harm or property damage. We reached the point of having to toss out all of our perishable foods, despite taking all the right precautions. We have no lights, no cell service, no Internet, no phone and no television.  Once my Nike Fuel band loses charge, we won’t even know what time it is.

It is a strange existence. Time passes with little to do. We have had no news until now.

The tunnels are flooded in lower Manhattan, and until they are pumped out, they cannot fix the electricity.  The news shows wide spread devastation around the area. If you are reading this, you probably know more than we do.
Thanks to everyone who is trying to reach us. We are fine, albeit over-carbed and bored.

Thanks Equinox. All of my batteries are now recharged, physically, emotionally and electronically. Now for a nice, hot shower…

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