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Pedicure Pantyhose

April 28, 2016

Some woman go to elaborate lengths to make sure their nail art game is on point, while others simply like to make sure their feet look clean and well groomed for sandal season. Leave it to the Japanese to create yet another option for a perfect pedi that comes already done on…wait for it…PANTYHOSE!!!


image by Hosinabi via Bored Panda

The ultimate fashion faux pas, sheer pantyhose with sandals, is being touted as trendy with pre-painted toe art on every pair. The brainchild of Belle Maison, each pair has a different set of designs to make matching your pedicure with your outfit as easy as changing your stockings.

It is the intersection of genius and a little creepy, but kind of intrigueing just the same.


image via Belle Maison

For $15 a pair, and six different designs with names like Fairy Feather and Underwater Bliss, they might be worth a try. Or not.
What do you think?

Belle Maison nail art pantyhose available here.

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Neon and On and On

May 17, 2012

Neon is a big trend for spring/summer, but wearing it can pose a challenge. Here are a few tips to help you navigate through the bright colors of the season:

A little goes a long way:

Neon worn with neon is a bit much. Mix one great intensely colored piece with something more subtle.

The 80’s are over:

Black can be harsh with strong neon colors and takes us back to the 80’s. To look completely modern, mix neon with white, grey, beige or denim, for a less jarring effect. Stripes can also be a great foil for all the strong color.

Softer is easier:

Head to toe neon can be overwhelming, but soft whitened versions of the same color family can work really well together. Try a soft pink with a neon pink, or a pale green with an acid green.

A little dab will do you:

Just a touch of neon in an accessory can be an instant update without making the whole outfit loud. Look for neon shoes, belts or bags as a great way to lift any outfit.

Neon nail polish is a short term commitment. Try a little on your fingers or toes for a fun, temporary trial on the trend.

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