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Full Moon Rising

August 20, 2013


While there are many myths surrounding a full moon, one thing is scientifically proven: the full moon has an effect on our sleep cycles.

Tonight’s  full moon will make it harder to fall asleep,and cause our sleep to be less deep. This is related to something scientists call our ” circalunar clock,” which governs our body’s reactions, based on the moon’s cycles.

It is thought that our ancestors slept lighter during a full moon so they could be more aware of predators hunting in the moonlight.

Prepare to take 5 extra minutes to fall asleep tonight, and plan to sleep about 20 minutes less than usual.

It is thought that circalunar phenomenon might effect animals as well as humans.

The full moon can also effect us in other ways, ranging from our fertility to our mental state. After all, the word “lunatic” is derived from the Latin word “luna’ meaning moon in English.

photo: Glasshouse Images

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