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October 31, 2013

Children using smartphones, standing in a row

Several years ago, when my office gave me a Blackberry, I quickly became addicted. So addicted, that my family and friends referred to it as my “Crackberry.” Now, everyone it seems, has some kind of smartphone, and the unnatural attachment to them is causing more than just annoyance.

This week, New York magazine did a feature story on the medical and physiological issues associated with gadget over use. Here are a few of the phone woes to watch for:

An acronym for “no mobile phone phobia,” this ailment affects about 66% of the population. Similar to other types of separation anxiety, the user suffers when away from their phone for even a few minutes. Symptoms include sweating, nausea and trembling.

Laptop Thigh and Scrotal Hyperthermia:

After prolonged use, the laptops lower casing can reach up to 125 degrees. Use of said hot laptop on bare legs can result in burns and discolored skin.

This intense heat can increase the temperature of the scrotum more than 6 degrees in one hour, resulting in lowering, or even halting sperm production.

Texting Thumb:

Tendentious of the thumbs is becoming more common, due the extra work they are doing while sending texts.


An astounding 84% of all 18-24 year olds report some kind of neck or back discomfort. The hunched position that we all assume when fiddling with our iphones is contributing to aches, pains and overall bad posture.

To avoid some of these problems, take precautions throughout the day.

Place a towel on your lap to prevent the heat from the laptop from penetrating through to your skin, and your “lap.”

Take a few minutes throughout the day to stretch, doing neck rolls and shoulder stretches to alleviate the stiffness. Move your thumbs across the palm of your hands to stretch them out, and squeeze a small ball to build up grip strength.

Or, better yet, just simply step away from the gadgets. Just try it. We KNOW you can do it!

photo: Glasshouse Images

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It’s a Miracle!

September 12, 2013

escape, keyboard, computers

This is a trick. I don’t really have a post for you today, because my computer got stuck. All of the sudden, the trackpad on my laptop went crazy. The arrow was going all over the place, and then it wouldn’t move at all. I tried a plug-in mouse, and it worked just fine for about 2 minutes, and then that too seemed as though it were suddenly possessed by demons. I shut the computer off and tried again, with a similar result, and then shut if off yet again. This time, I regained full control of that little arrow on the screen but I couldn’t click on the trackpad or the mouse.

I carefully wrapped up my precious cargo,and ran to the emergency room, I mean the Apple store. They scheduled a Genius Bar appointment for a few hours later. Once again, I placed my sick little laptop into its carrier, and set off to see the Genius.After a short wait, my certified Apple Geek sauntered over and introduced himself, while inquiring about what was wrong with my computer.


I KID YOU NOT: He literally laid his hands over the trackpad and suddenly, Little Lappy rose from the dead. It was a freaking miracle! He can’t explain what the problem was, or exactly how he fixed it, but he said it happens a lot.

I felt a little foolish, but mostly I felt a little creepy. Was this an exorcism of some sort, or a religious experience? Or did it just simply loosen up whatever was stuck in there? Isn’t there a Christmas story with Tiny Tim that resembles this tale?  We will never know, but hopefully, Little Lappy is fine,and we can resume normal posts tomorrow.

In the meantime, can I get an A-MEN?

photos: Glasshouse Images

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