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Taking The High Road

August 1, 2016


Lately, it seems like people are going out of their way to use their notoriety to hurt others. Celebrity feuds on social media are so prevalent right now, with everyone publicly airing one another’s dirty laundry. It only takes 140 characters to assasinate one’s character these days.

We are also in an election cycle, so the nasty-grams seem to be magnified tenfold right now.

Politically speaking, I am not interested in hearing why I shouldn’t vote for your opponent. Don’t fill my newsfeed with reasons why they aren’t the right choice. Instead, tell me why you are the better option. Tell me about your skills, your passion and compassion, and your brilliant ideas to make the world a better place. We are bombarded with slanderous comments, onerous fact checking, and then dispute over those facts if they don’t suit our personal viewpoint.

All this comes on the heels of Kim Kardashian posting an authorized recording of Taylor Swift telling Kanye West that the lyrics he wrote about her in his then yet released song “Famous” are fine to use, after she publicly took offense to them when the song was released. Since, the Twitter-verse has explosively taken sides, even starting a hashtag inviting readers to the #taylorswiftisoverparty. Why would we, or anyone else for that matter, want to celebrate someone else’s demise?

Even a week later, the war rages on, with other celebs joining the fray and continuing to perpetuate the onslaught. Perhaps Ms. Swift did give her ok for Kanye to proclaim “ I made that bitch famous,” or perhaps she didn’t. It still doesn’t make it acceptable to drag her through the mud and make her walk on hot coals for the rest of her life. The joy people are taking in seeing someone with a flawless track record fall from grace is appalling. We no longer think about her talent, her music or her quiet philanthropy. Yet we dwell on her failed relationships and on a conversation recorded without consent (illegal in the state of California BTW,) that we have no right to be hearing at all.

When did we become a society whose personal value is based on the inferiority of others? When did someone else’s pain become a key source of our pleasure? Have we come to a place where we can’t accept culpability for our actions, and need to take down others to boost ourselves up?
I am quickly losing respect for politicians, celebrities and anyone else who needs to publicly bash others in a childish plea for attention.

As someone for whom I hold great respect recently said, “ When they go low, we go high.

Let’s take that advice to heart, and try to take the high road in our interactions for awhile and see how that goes. Who’s with me?

Photo: Glasshouse Images

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The Met Gala: What were they thinking?

May 5, 2015

We promised to cover the Met Gala red carpet, to see who slayed it and who missed the mark. Silly us, worried about cultural missteps. We should have been concerned with fashion faux pas. Tassels and headresses and glitz, oh my!
How do you say ” Oy vey” in Mandarin?

Sarah Jessica Parker stepped out in a fringed headress from milliner Phillip Treacy and a custom H&M gown which she collaborated on. Speechless.

They don’t call it the “Vogue Prom” for nothing. Anna Wintour, whose name is now on the door of the Costume Institute, greets her disciples in Chanel. As they remind us often in fitness classes; take your shoulders out of your ears and relax, Anna!



Her daugher, Bee Shaffer, fared much better in a dramatic Alexander McQueen gown:



Tabitha Simmons donned a headress too, by Dolce and Gabbana. The Folies Bergere wants it back in the morning.


Is that JLaw, or JLo? Not flatterning, whoever you are! ( I know others strongly disagree!) in Dior.



What’s with the head coverings? Anne Hathaway lost her way in this number, by the big bad wolf by Ralph Lauren.


Momager Kris Jenner was a lady in red by Balmain.


Solange, Solange, Solange: in Giles Deacon.


What’s on your head Selena Gomez? I know it’s Vera Wang, but was the bridal headpiece really necessary?


Vogue’s Grace Coddington anticipated a late night and showed up in her pajamas.


Riri knows how to make an entrance in Chinese designer Guo Pei.

"China: Through The Looking Glass" Costume Institute Benefit Gala - Arrivals

Kim Kardashian is nearly naked in her custom Roberto Cavalli gown. Suprise, Surprise!


How low can you go JLo? in Atelier Versace.


The woman that can do no wrong…Amal Clooney in John Galliano.


Kate Hudson goes for the gold in Michael Kors.


Uma looks like a goddess in white. Not exactly on theme, but lovely just the same:


Keri Russell’s fine feathered friend:


Dianna Agron’s Tory Burch dress featured birds of a feather.


Who do you think was a hit, and who was a miss? Sound off in the comments below:

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Beauty Buzz

January 5, 2015

The past year brought us lots of trends in the world of beauty. Some we loved; others, not so much. Here is a quick recap on some of the more notable fads, and where we see them going in 2015.

Ombre Hair: Hair that is lighter at the bottom and darker at the roots used to signal that someone was growing out a bad dye job. Not this year. Hair color that got progressively lighter from roots to ends became the mainstream color trend of the year. Those brave souls who went for a bigger style statement opted for a bolder version, adding technicolor tones to their ombre hair.


Where it’s headed: With so many models and film stars embracing the “lob,”it looks like a fashionable way to get rid of the extreme color differential. We expect to see more natural looking hair color this year, with rich highlights. We are even seeing very young women going voluntarily grey, with interesting results.


Big Butts and Freeing the Nipple: Many touted 2014 as the year of the butt. Kim Kardashian was the poster girl for the prominent posterior, but others from Nikki Minaj to internet sensation Jen Selter reinforced the trend. We aren’t quite sure how a big behind could become a trend, ( you get what you get and you don’t get upset!) but there was a documented increase in Brazilian butt lift procedures, as well as exercise regimes designed to build the bum. The term “belfie” was coined, as women took photos to document their derierres.

Ms. Kardashian also exposed her fair share of cleavage this year and many a red carpet look also involved side boob, cleavage and bare nipples. A film, entitled “Free the Nipple” was released, to promote a woman’s right to go topless, and the hashtag #freethenipple was born.


Where it’s headed: We hope to see a little less over exposure this year, with more tasteful ways to look sexy taking the forefront. Many of the red carpet worthy gowns we say at spring 2015 fashion weeks offered a lowcut neckline, a slit or a peekaboo cutout, not all of the above. We think totally sheer without any lining at all, fully exposing undergarments and more is going by the wayside.


Korean Skincare: Korean woman are known for their porcelain skin and their dedication to the care and maintenance of it. Korean skincare lines arrived stateside with a vengeance and along with it, complicated and innovative beauty regimes ranging from 10-step skincare programs, to snail creams.


Where it’s headed:Hard to say. While broader accessability to products and more blogs devoted to them make it seem as though it will be a growth business, consumers are fickle and prone to run to the next big thing. As a trend towards time saving expands in other areas, (i.e. high intensity intervals to maximize workout times, precut and boxed food services to save home cooking time, quick blowout salons, etc.) this could bode poorly for a beauty routine that is so involved.

Major Eyebrows: Thanks to it-girl Cara Delevingne, fuller, perfectly groomed brows made a comeback, even launching a slang term to describe them: “on fleek.” (Meaning “on point, and fierce,” for those who don’t know.) While some trend followers were able to grow theirs out or enhance them with makeup, brow extensions actually became a thing. On the other side of the spectrum, celebs bleached their brows which served to temporarily negate them completely.


Where it’s headed: Given that every celeb photographed with invisable brows were back “on fleek” within a day or so, we think the bleached look won’t catch on. More natural, fuller brows should have some staying power. The term “on fleek?” Please stop saying it NOW.


Flash Tatoos: These metallic temporary tatoos that resemble tribal jewelry are popping up everywhere and on everyone from Beyonce to Selena Gomez, and the girl at the mall.


Where they are headed: South, we think. This seems like it is already getting a little played out and thankfully, this trend looks to be as temporary as the tatoos themselves. For now, leave it to the very young, and then just leave it.

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Super Sleuthing

November 21, 2014

I don’t generally use this site for tasteless gossip, but hey, it’s Friday, it’s freezing cold, and I have a little time on my hands right now.

As I was perusing Perez Hilton, reading yet another ridiculous post about Kim Kardashian’s well oiled rear end, I noticed something suspicious. How could the entire media gossip world have missed this one?

Kim is not, in fact naked. I repeat, she is NOT actually naked! While everyone is posting stories on what type of oil was used to make her butt so shiny ( it’s been attributed to a local French baby oil by her makeup artist, and to a hair oil from her very own haircare line by Mrs. West herself,) I am here to tell you differently. She is wearing a skin toned, latex suit! Uh-huh honey ( see what I did there with the Kanye reference?) This particular photo shows subtle lines around her upper body, which are clearly straps. Blow this photo up a little bit and see what I mean. A photo expert, who happens to live in this house, noted that the skin reflections are different on the presumed covered parts than on the actual skin. And when I  blew it up in more dramatically in photoshop ( I really do need to get a life) you can see where she has been photoshopped down a size or two ( or three.)

She has been photographed recently wearing latex clothing from fetishwear designer Atsuko Kudo, In a recent comment to the Daily Mail, the designer remarked,”‘Latex fits so much to the body that to the naked eye it’s very difficult to tell if it’s a top and a skirt, or a dress.”. ( Or a bodysuit to make it look like you’re nude when you really aren’t?)
Kim’s skin-tight outfit appears to leave little room for underwear, and Simon admitted it generally looks better if the wearer does go sans pants.

Ah-ha! Another clue. Did Kudo design a special suit to smooth her skin, compress her a bit and make her look sleeker and slicker?

Take a look at this photo from Perez Hilton, and see what you think. The caption is referring to the oil, but I, dear readers, have found something different. kim-kardashian-paper-oil-doodle__oPt
Look at the scoop under her arm, and the straps and scooped back. Those aren’t tan lines!

I should have been a detective…Mwahhahahahaha!

Break the internet Indigo Jones!

*We shall resume our more tasteful and useful stories on Monday!

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One Bad Apple

November 13, 2014

This morning, I noticed that my iPhone had  stopped downloading email. At first I attributed it to a bad WIFI connection. Later, I realized something was wrong. I logged on to make a Genius Bar appointment, and was redirected to try to resolve it via iChat.

Usually, when I go to the Genius Bar, they press a few buttons and fix my problem,taking just a shred of my dignity with it. Today, I foolishly opted to keep my dignity and resolve the issue elsewhere.

The Chat began. Each comment had a lag time of about 5 minutes before it was answered, making it a rather slow conversation. When the first cyber genius was unable to help me, she passed me on to her superior. After about an hour with him, he passed me on to an even higher power. When I read his first text introducing himself as Jesus, I lost it. Big time. Good thing it was a text chat, because I laughed like a maniac alone in my room for a long, long time. You know the feeling, right? Tears streaming, uncontrollable guffawing, and trouble catching your breath. My thoughts ran the gamut: What would Jesus do?(WWJD?) I mean, if Jesus can’t fix my iPhone, who can?


We did resets, we tried deleting and reinstalling the account. Somewhere along the way I finally upgraded to IOS 8, but still, no emails.

Apparently Jesus couldn’t fix it after all. After 3 hours with Jesus and his various disciples, he set up a phone call with his boss for 4:30.

I was positively giddy. Was I about to talk to God?

Nope, just a really nice guy named Rik, who couldn’t figure out what was wrong with my phone either. By now, four hours had passed without resolution. The geniuses were flummoxed. What could be the problem?

After all that, there is only one thing it could possibly be:

Clearly, Kim Kardashian’s butt really did break the internet!kim-kardashian-paper-cover

Top Photo:  Glasshouse Images

Kim K photo: Paper Magazine

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March 31, 2014

reading, tabloid, newspaper, gossip

This week, outraged magazine readers fought back and opted to unsubscribe from their favorite monthlies over a disagreement with the editor in chief’s choices.

First it was Vogue. People love to hate Kim Kardashian, and when Anna Wintour put her and fiancé Kanye West on the cover of this month’s issue, the backlash was strong and swift. Many readers began campaigns to cancel their subscriptions, citing that Ms. Kardashian had no right to earn the highly coveted spot. She is not a model, reached fame through a homemade porn video,and has displayed questionable fashion sense in the past. She is not only one of the most “disliked” people in the business, she is also one of the most talked about.
It is always mind boggling to me, that every time a website posts a story about Kim Kardashian, a plethora of people take the time to log in, and post a derogatory comment. First of all, websites measure click throughs and comments to gauge the popularity of a post. Each of those people clicked through, presumably read the article, and then logged in, often to tell the site that they don’t care about her and that they should stop featuring her. Those click throughs and comments all add up, and send the editor and cyber bean counters a very different message.

While we are here, let me ask you another question? When was the last time a model graced the cover of your favorite fashion bible?
Uh-huh. Not recently. Celebrities, i.e. actresses and musicians sell more magazines at the newsstand than models. Models all want to be actresses anyways (and then they get their cover stories!) actresses all want to be fashion designers, and who knows what designers want to be anymore. Kim Kardashian and Vogue just experienced a huge PR boon, thanks to all the articles, interviews and Facebook posts that came about from people expressing dismay over her cover story.

A few days later, Self magazine came under fire. They featured a photo of 2 women running a marathon in tutus, and ridiculed the look. When readers discovered that one of those women was a cancer victim and made the tutus to raise money to fight the disease, they were outraged. Self’s editor in chief, Lucy Danziger issued a quick apology, which riled up her readership even more. She subsequently spoke to the women personally, and wrote a very positive article about her. Tutu sales jumped to the point that they cannot accept anymore orders. Readers responded with threats to cancel their subscriptions.

Had this women not been a cancer patient, and her choice of running attire not been philanthropic, would the outcry have been so strong? This is a magazine about women embracing their bodies and pursuing good health through diet and fitness. Is making fun of women running in tutus keeping true to the message the magazine hopes to convey? Anyone who trains for and completes a marathon is a role model. If doing so in a tutu provides motivation, we say “go for it!” Ms. Danziger not only apologized for the faux pas, but offered to work closely with the women to support her cause. She also brought great awareness to tutu project, which in turn brought them more orders. We all make mistakes, and this was a big one. It was also resolved to the best of the magazine’s ability. Isn’t that enough?

We are living in a world where we are so spoiled, that if a magazine features something that doesn’t suit us, we retaliate. How different is this to packing up our dolls and dishes and going home when we were 5 years old and our friend didn’t want to play the way we did?

We have a right to our opinions and a thanks to the internet, a forum to express them whether anyone wants to hear them or not.

Only time will tell if the magazines in question had any significant decline to subscriptions, or if the additional press served to sell more ad pages.

Now that that is cleared up, feel free to go back to postulateing  about Gwyneth Paltrow’s “conscious uncoupling,” until someone else does something you can complian about.

photo: Glasshouse Images

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Pretty in Punk

May 9, 2013

Monday night marked the annual “Met Ball,” honoring the opening of the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s latest exhibition entitled Punk: From Chaos to Couture.

Much speculation lead up to the event, as to how the theme would be handled by the revelers, hand selected by Vogue’s high priestess herself, Anna Wintour.

Well, today we have the answer, and in most cases, it was handled poorly.

While a few went all out, (Madonna you go girl!) many opted for odd choices that left them looking awkward and uncomfortable. Below are some of our favorites, who embraced the movement and looked pretty in punk:

Madonna at the Met

Madonna at the Met

Miley just being Miley

Miley just being Miley

Sarah Jessica Parker channeling  Carrie Bradshaw in Giles

Sarah Jessica Parker channeling Carrie Bradshaw in Giles

Kim Kardashian in a custom slipcover by Ricardo Tischi

Kim Kardashian in a custom slipcover by Riccardo Tischi

Beyonce in Givenchy

Beyonce in Givenchy

And after couture came utter chaos. What made these attractive young women embrace old age, instead of punk?

Nicole Richie goes grey

Nicole Richie goes grey

Kate Upton goes matronly

Kate Upton goes matronly

Nicki Minaj left us speechless

Nicki Minaj left us speechless

Anna Wintour in Chanel

Anna Wintour in Chanel

The grande dame of the evening may have inadvertently been the most punk of all. While others tried to conform to societal expectations, Ms.Wintour bucked the norm, and showed up in a demure floral Chanel gown. What looked the least in keeping with the theme,may just have out- punked everyone.

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