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Never Say Never

April 17, 2012

Fashion is a funny thing. I remember many years ago being quoted in Instyle magazine that a “denim don’t” was wearing high heels or a dressy top with jeans. For those of you that know me well, that look has become a staple for me.

My former co-workers know that I firmly believe that animal prints belong only on animals, yet you have all seen my furry leopard booties that I wear constantly.

The mixing of stripes and prints has long been considered a fashion faux pas, but this season it’s considered a chic modern way to express your style.

As fashion evolves, and our eye adjusts, many of those old school rules get broken.

One thing I never expected to emerge as a trend is the animal sweater. You know the ones I’m talking about; the kind a distant relative with questionable taste might send you for a gift. ┬áThe ones you see in airports on people you might be inclined to make fun of ( don’t get all judge-y here, you know you do it too !) I can’t even tell you they’re back because I’m not sure they were ever fashionable in the first place.

This season, designers across the globe showed intarsia sweaters with animal motifs. Lions and tigers and bears, (oh my!) as well as the occasional horse or owl. The look is very ’80s in most cases, and skews toward the tacky side.

It’s not something I think I will be sporting come fall, but one thing I have learned after all these years in the fashion biz, is to never say never”.

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