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Hurricane Update: It’s Almost Over

November 2, 2012

Rumor has it that we will be in the dark for several more days. The Mayor has officially cancelled Halloween and the New York City Marathon.

The isolation and boredom are kicking in. Someone called while we were out and invited us over, but we could not ring their buzzer to get in, or get cell service to let them know we arrived. Defeated, we navigated back to our quiet, dark home.

Equinox has become the chicest homeless shelter in New York. For those not familiar, it is an upscale health club with all the amenities. Its members are flocking to clubs with power, using Wi-Fi, electrical outlets, hot showers with fluffy towels and Kiehl’s products. Some are even working out. The staff has been amazing trying to accommodate the unprecedented surge in users. I did hear one member who clearly is more fortunate than we are, mutter something about “all the refugees” but for the most part, people have been kind.

It is a tale of two cities here. North of the area effected by the power outage, the city is thriving.  Stores and restaurants are experiencing a huge boon in business as those without power explore other neighborhoods, and those in the area are looking for something to do while schools and offices are closed. There is a wait at even the most mundane of restaurants at 3 or 4 in the afternoon. The stores are packed.

Downtown, it is a ghost town. Everything is dark, and few people are out on the streets. Stores are closed and food establishments are dark; their products spoiling in refrigerators, which have long turned warm. The financial implications on smaller businesses may be too steep for them to survive.
With no Internet or cell service, it is difficult to communicate.

Isn’t it funny how reliant we have become on electronics to function? Our cell phones are our lifelines, and our computers are the way we connect. Even just playing a board game or reading a book is unpleasant when you are holding a candle to see what you are doing. News travels through television and the Internet. Even our clocks are digitally powered.

Healthy eating is a challenge when fresh food is scarce, and refrigeration non-existent. We are lucky to have a gas stove, which can be lit by a match.

What began as a mere inconvenience is getting more taxing as the days wear on.

It is hard to complain when the devastation around us is so great. There are many who were not as fortunate as we have been.

We will try to keep you up dated on the situation in New York, as we are able to.

For those of you who are home safely with power and water, please take a minute to be grateful for all of the things we often take for granted.

Stay safe!



photo: Glasshouse Images


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