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Hemming and Hawing

October 16, 2015

Jeans are a staple in everyone’s wardrobe. These days, they can go almost anywhere depending on what they are paired with. Rolled or frayed hems add a unique and authentic air to jeans. While some of these ideas we created in the “wet processing” of the jeans ( a term used in the industry which refers to the washing and treatment processes used to emulate the look of natural wear and fading,) some you can achieve at home.
Here are a few of our favorite hem treatments, and a little DIY inspo for leveling up your denim game:


Honestly, WTF

Unevenly cut raw hems highlight footwear in a casual way. To do this yourself, cut your jeans higher in the front and longer in the back, and simply let them fray. Trim any super long fringe after washing so you don’t trip!


Denim hems are generally double rolled and topstitched. The part that is folded deeply inside the hem stays darker than the more exposed areas after washing and wearing. When you let the hem down, you get a multihued effect, as well as a raw edge. Bonus points for tall girls, who also gain about 3/4″ or more in the length of their jeans when they let the hem down. To achieve this look, carefully pick the stitching from the bottom and unroll the hem. Toss them in the wash to relax the fabric and press the bottom to get them to lay flat.


Don’t try this one at home kids… This multi-hued and distressed look happened at the factory, and took some mad technique to execute! Best to buy these from the pros that created them; Genetic Denim Los Angeles.


Honestly, WTF

This technique is hard to achieve yourself, as the darker part was likely either protected from fading during the manufacturing process, or the bottom of the jeans were dipped in pure indigo after they were made. To fake it, cut a few inches off the bottom of a pair of dark jeans, and sew it a pair of lighter colored jeans. Be sure that the leg shape of the jeans are the same, so that the piece you are sewing on matches up perfectly. Leave the bottom raw to get the perfect fray.


Paige Denim

The cuffed jean is the easiest look to re-create. The newest cuff is wider, and turned up only once. Fold your straight leg jeans up and make a wide cuff. Feel free to mess it up a bit, for a more relaxed, authentic look.


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