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Family Matters

October 15, 2009

Did you know that the Museum of Modern Art offers great family programs for children of all ages?
The programs at MOMA are designed to introduce kids and adults to the world of modern and contemporary art through gallery conversations, art workshops, artist talks, and activity guides.


The “Closer Look” series, for children 5-10 years old and their adult companions is interactive and educational, while being a fun hands-on experience for all. This series allows the group to look closely at modern masterpieces and explore the artist’s motivation through discussions and activities that allow the participants a chance to work in the style of the featured artist.

The current workshop, entitled “Line, Shape and Color: Abstract Art “ explores the artist’s use of these components to create abstract art.

The program changes monthly, and is offered every Saturday and Sunday morning through December 20. It is free of charge, and includes museum admission for the family. There are also programs geared to tweens and 4 year olds as well.

It is a great way to introduce children to the wonders of modern art, and a wallet friendly way to spend the day.

For more information, call the MOMA at (212) 708-9805, or visit the website.

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