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How To Host A Successful Thanksgiving

November 21, 2016
The Jones Family

The Jones Family

When one of my favorite websites, The Kitchn, invited me to participate in their Thanksgiving video series, I jumped at the opportunity. But the real magic happened when my family wandered in, and reluctantly joined in on the fun.

While the content is as promised, what puts a smile on my face is seeing my family together as we really are; raw, authentic and very happy. In a time when many are feeling isolated, disenfranchised and afraid, looking at my multi-cultural and multi-racial family, gives me great joy, and for that I am thankful. This Thanksgiving, do not let fear or hatred cloud your thoughts. Family isn’t just about gene pools; it’s about love. I hope you can feel ours in this video.

This is us…

Tips For Cooking the Best Thanksgiving

*Sorry, I can’t get the video to embed. Please click on the link to view.

Thank you Rebecca and team at The Kitchn + Apartment Therapy for letting us be part of your series.

Priority Post

August 3, 2012

These past few weeks have been crazy… work related deadlines, proposals for new business, filling in for the skeleton crew in the office.  A hospital bound friend in need, and the planning of a baby shower, in addition to cooking, cleaning, and parenting is taking its toll on me.  I admit it, I am stretched to the limit and exhausted!

I wake up and post the day’s blog entry and book my cycling classes while still in bed. I get up, make breakfasts and lunches, and set off to the gym. Shower etc. and off to work I go.

I stop at Whole Foods on the way home for groceries, cook dinner, research story ideas and write a post for the next day. I work on projects for other clients, and go to bed with my head filled with all I have been doing. Sometimes I sleep, but lately not so much. Rinse and repeat.

Don’t get me wrong; I love being busy. But right now, something has to give…and it’s tomorrow’s post.

I have taken the day off to prepare for a baby shower for 2 of my most favorite people ever. I plan to cook and clean the day and night away, and make the day as memorable as possible for them.

In the world of priorities, that is mine. So, here is Friday’s entry, with an I.O.U. for something more interesting to follow.  I promise to post some of the yummy food and playful decorations from the shower, and maybe even a photo of the beautiful, glowing mom-to-be and a very excited future daddy.

Stay tuned for more to come…

My How Time Flies!

July 20, 2010

I just realized that Indigo Jones had a birthday and I missed it!!!  Last year, on July 14,2009, we typed our first post. It’s all been a great experiment since then…writing about whatever moved us, and trying to keep up with all of you while life threw us curve balls. So, one year , 126 posts and 102 comments later, here we are.

Thanks for sharing this journey with us. Stay tuned for more food, fashion, family,fitness and  life.  It’s been a great year!

photo: Glasshouse Images

Channeling My Inner Housewive

August 6, 2009

Woman Wearing ApronSomehow, I went from being a successful, high-pressured fashion executive to a New York City housewife in one fell swoop. Let me tell you, it was a shock to my system!

Previously, my days were spent designing clothing and accessories, managing a team of 40 and being part of a business that generated $1 billion dollars in sales.

Suddenly, my days are spent cleaning, buying groceries, cooking, walking back and forth across town picking up and delivering a child, and then cleaning up all over again. As someone who’s self worth has been so clearly defined by my accomplishments, this left me feeling unappreciated and bitter.

This week however, my mindset has been transformed, after spending a few days with a friend and her daughter at their beautiful home in East Hampton.

V is the original Urban Pioneer woman. An accomplished artist, V has channeled her creativity and passions into her home and family.  A masterful quilter, she has made the magnificent quilts and pillows that grace the beds in her home. She also donates many of them to charity, and takes commissions on a limited basis.
Her lush garden provides much of the family’s produce, and at the end of the season she freezes and cans the last harvest to provide vegetables and homemade sauces for the winter months.

She creates her own convenience foods, by mixing up dry ingredients for pancakes and spice mixes to use at a later date. Time permitting, Monday is a day to make breads and stocks, freezing them or canning them for future use.

She has also made her home chemical free, by mixing up her own soaps and cleaning products.

But this isn’t someone who is a crazy over achiever, or someone who requires an unnatural level of perfection. This is a woman who enjoys the challenges that these undertakings provide, and has in many ways simplified her life to allow herself the time to do the things she enjoys for the people she loves.

As a result, her daughter is a healthful and experimental eater, appreciating the flavors and freshness that she has been exposed to. Her desire to preserve the environment, and her love of animals comes naturally. She is a smart, self- assured and happy child, who is surrounded by parents who set positive examples for her through their actions.

I love to cook, and I enjoy the challenges of making something from scratch. In watching V, I realized that I too, could indulge my passions and define my accomplishments by creating projects that challenge my creativity and still benefit my family. My daughter is becoming interested in cooking, and I have the power to fuel that interest and help her explore new foods and techniques. I now have the precious gift of time to be able to take her to the zoo, work on art projects, or go to visit friends.

I have made the conscious decision to embrace my present situation and make the most of my time while I have an abundance of it. Some day I will be back in the working world, swigging Maalox, and reminiscing about my time off.  It’s never too late to strive to create some positive memories that I can cherish down the road.

Thanks V!!!

You can see V’s beautiful quilts and gain insight into her life through her popular website, BUMBLE BEANS.

photo: Glasshouse Images

Love is Thicker Than Water

August 1, 2009

20011647B-group copy

My husband felt the tug years before I did. That burning desire to have a child, and become a father. When I was finally ready for such a life-changing occurrence, we found ourselves unable to conceive.

It is a frustrating time when you realize that the uneducated, the poverty-stricken, and the unfit seem to be having babies left right and center, and you, a loving, married and highly successful couple with the means to give a child a wonderful and rich life are coming up empty.

After doctor’s appointments, and exploring the options in modern fertility treatments, the realization hit me: I didn’t care about procreating, I just wanted to be a parent.

Almost 2 years later, we adopted a beautiful baby girl from China.

I can’t imagine loving a child more. Bailey has been the light in our lives from the moment we laid eyes on her. During the long and heart-wrenching wait to meet our daughter, I fell deeply in love with the image in my mind of this wonderful little girl who would bring great joy to our lives. The magical moment when they brought her to us from the orphanage was one I will never forget: the moment that I became a parent.

We have always spoken openly about Bailey’s adoption, and how the person who carried her could not keep her, so she went to the orphanage and they cared for her until we could come for her.

Somehow, children seem to grasp both the simplicity and complexity of situations with a wisdom and clarity that is way greater than their years.

One day, when she was about 5, I heard her talking to a young friend about where she came from. Bailey very matter of factly summed up her situation by saying: “ My Mommy didn’t carry me in her tummy, she carried me in her heart.

Families are made in many different ways. Giving birth and motherhood are not mutually exclusive. Bonds exist when love is unconditional, and sometimes we find that LOVE, not blood, is thicker than water.


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