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Trend Seminar: Day 1

June 13, 2012

We’re wrapping up our first round of presentations here in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Four of us, representing studios from around the world, spoke to a group on color, fashion and lifestyle trends for Fall 2012.

The group included ,Tony Bannister of Scout in Sydney, Australia, Louise Klarsten of Colourhouse in Sweden,David Shah,of Textile View Magazine in London and Alberto Costabella, of A+A Design Studio in Milan.  And of course me, Shari Hershon of ESP Trendlab in New York.

(that’s me on the end!)

It was an upbeat day, with 4 very different approaches to very similar ideas.

(Here is David, talking about happiness.)

In between, we had a little fun, as you can see below:

(There is a distinct cross-cutural trend that we all spoke about. Here,the boys play dress up and take it the trend to a whole new place!)

We’re packing it up and hopping on the train to Stockholm to do it all over again tomorrow! Stay tuned…

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