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River From the Sky

June 22, 2010

According to the World Health Organization, 1.1 billion people lack access to safe drinking water. This year’s winner of the Energy Globe World Award has addressed that issue in an innovative and effective way.

Aakash Ganga, or “River from the Sky”, is a sustainable system that channels rainwater from the gutters of every house in the village and then pipes it into a network of underground reservoirs. The system captures enough rainwater to meet the drinking needs of an entire village for 12 months. It is currently being implemented in six drought prone villages in the Churu district of Rajasthan.

The system is supplying 10,000 people with fresh water, and the Government of Rajasthan has signed a letter of intent to implement Aakash Ganga in 50 villages to serve 125,000 people.

photo: Glasshouse Images

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