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Overall Impressions

April 7, 2014

Overalls, once the go-to outfit of farmers and toddlers, has made it’s way into the fashion scene. This time around, they have a sexy, almost sophisticated edge, taking the workwear staple to a whole new level. Being a woman of a certain age, I’m fighting the urge to give this trend a try. But looking at these chic ladies, I’m thinking  I can rock this look. You be the judge:

Donna Karan sent these overalls down this runway for DKNY this spring, adding a polished blazer and trench coat to complete the outfit.



A slim fit, high heeled booties and a great flyaway sweater give these overalls a casual, yet pulled together  sensibility.


How chic is this women, walking through the Tuileries in Paris, with gold toed pumps, a clutch bag,and her red coat tossed nonchalantly over her shoulders?


Leave it to Alexander Wang to pair a leather bra top with his white overalls. A little skin makes the look sexy!


Blair Eadie of the style blog Atlantic Pacific is known for her ladylike chic. Her messy undo, pointy stilettos and red lips and bag give this outfit an air of sophisticated ease.


Want to try this look yourself? Just abide by a few simple rules.

Overalls should be on the slim side. Nothing oversized or sloppy.

Add a touch of the unexpected, through accessories, makeup or a great piece of outerwear.

Roll the legs and add a chic heel.

Accessorize to the hilt. Shoes, bags and scarves play a huge role in upping the fashion ante. Keeping it chic is key.

Take a little extra care with your hair and makeup. This isn’t the time to get sloppy.

Keep the tops fitted, or go ahead and show some skin. Let the world know there is a woman under there.

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Modern Tribal

October 21, 2013

Fashion designers are finding inspiration in artisanal crafts this season, as they reference modern takes on primitive textiles and pottery.

Edun, the socially conscious brand founded by Bono’s wife, Ali Hewson, mixes  black and white geometrics with woven leather for a bold look.


This weaving, features similar pattern work as does this modernist vase:



Donna Karan may have been inspired by tribal artwork for her Spring 2014 collection.



Akris showed free form faggoting reminiscent of this rustic vessel made of woven pear branches.



Proenza Schouler manipulated pleats in fabric and leather to create the etched quality of this pottery and tribal influenced block print:




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May 3, 2012

There is a sense of modesty that has been brewing on the runway for the last few seasons. Gone are the skin-tight dresses of the past, cut just below the panty line with plunging necklines. A certain presence of decorum is more prevalent today, than overt sexiness.

For Fall 2012-2013, many designers used prim collars to fill in the necklines of their tops and dresses. The most interesting were those that were not actually attached to the garments. These separate collars were made from a plethora of materials and took the place of a necklace.

At Cacharel, metal, or delicate crochet were used to fashion the collars, which sat high on the neck.

Donna Karan’s Victorian dandies wore crisp white wing collars, often accompanied by separate French cuffs.

Antonio Marras took his luxe patchwork concept to the next level, with double collars featuring multiple patterns.

Rodarte collars were made of lace.

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