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September 14, 2009


What is going on in the world lately? It seems that good manners and respectful behavior have gone the way of the Walkman!

This week, we saw South Carolina Congressman Joe Wilson interrupt the President of the United States by calling him a liar during his speech on healthcare reform, tennis star Serena Williams had a very public meltdown at the US Open, and Kanye West grabbed the microphone out of Taylor Swift’s hand during her acceptance speech at the VMA’s, to talk about fellow nominee, Beyonce.
It doesn’t get much ruder than that!
We all have bad days, and sometimes say things we regret. These cases go much further than that. The ego, rudeness and audacity that these supposed role models have shown us, is unacceptable. To add insult to injury, each one has issued a self-serving and insincere statement justifying their behavior.
Hey Kanye, take a lesson from the grace and dignity that both Taylor Swift and Beyonce demonstrated last night. Make a real apology, mean it, and then quietly go away.
Sometimes you have to eat a little crow. We hear it tastes like chicken.

artwork: Courtesy of Perez Hilton

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