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Shoes of Prey

January 25, 2013


Lots of things come across my desk these days; crazy inquiries for consulting services, Linkedin requests, and a ton of spam. One day I added up the amount of money I supposedly won or inherited, and if only it were real, I would be wealthier than Donald Trump.

An email introducing this website passed through my inbox today and completely blew me away!

Fact: Girls love shoes. It starts at a young age and continues indefinitely. It has to be genetic.

What if there was a way you could get the perfect shoe, designed to your specifications, made to fit, even if you preferred a different size for each foot?
What if you could color and fabricate the shoe to match a specific outfit?
Well, now you can do all that and more!
Introducing Shoes of Prey, a bespoke shoe company that allows you to choose style, heel height, size, material and color for each component of the shoe. Not only can you customize your style, but you can also customize your fit. With sizes ranging from 2.4-15(!!!), almost everyone can find the perfect shoe in their size. If it doesn’t fit, the company will remake the shoes free of charge.

Screen shot 2013-01-24 at 9.15.55 PM

The process is easy and lots of fun. Let the footwear designer inside you run wild, selecting a style, and digitally filling in each section of the shoe with one of the many choices of materials and colors.
Prices start at $169 for a sandal and go up to about $379 for a bootie.

What more could a girl want?

Shoes of Prey

top photo: Glasshouse Images

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