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Hemming and Hawing

October 16, 2015

Jeans are a staple in everyone’s wardrobe. These days, they can go almost anywhere depending on what they are paired with. Rolled or frayed hems add a unique and authentic air to jeans. While some of these ideas we created in the “wet processing” of the jeans ( a term used in the industry which refers to the washing and treatment processes used to emulate the look of natural wear and fading,) some you can achieve at home.
Here are a few of our favorite hem treatments, and a little DIY inspo for leveling up your denim game:


Honestly, WTF

Unevenly cut raw hems highlight footwear in a casual way. To do this yourself, cut your jeans higher in the front and longer in the back, and simply let them fray. Trim any super long fringe after washing so you don’t trip!


Denim hems are generally double rolled and topstitched. The part that is folded deeply inside the hem stays darker than the more exposed areas after washing and wearing. When you let the hem down, you get a multihued effect, as well as a raw edge. Bonus points for tall girls, who also gain about 3/4″ or more in the length of their jeans when they let the hem down. To achieve this look, carefully pick the stitching from the bottom and unroll the hem. Toss them in the wash to relax the fabric and press the bottom to get them to lay flat.


Don’t try this one at home kids… This multi-hued and distressed look happened at the factory, and took some mad technique to execute! Best to buy these from the pros that created them; Genetic Denim Los Angeles.


Honestly, WTF

This technique is hard to achieve yourself, as the darker part was likely either protected from fading during the manufacturing process, or the bottom of the jeans were dipped in pure indigo after they were made. To fake it, cut a few inches off the bottom of a pair of dark jeans, and sew it a pair of lighter colored jeans. Be sure that the leg shape of the jeans are the same, so that the piece you are sewing on matches up perfectly. Leave the bottom raw to get the perfect fray.


Paige Denim

The cuffed jean is the easiest look to re-create. The newest cuff is wider, and turned up only once. Fold your straight leg jeans up and make a wide cuff. Feel free to mess it up a bit, for a more relaxed, authentic look.


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Cute As A Button Front

September 9, 2015

Summer is, for all intents and purposes, over. Although the weather is still warm, it is time to start thinking about the season ahead, and embrace some of the fall trends to help you transition fashionably.

By far, the “it” skirt of the season is the button front. Cut in either suede or denim, this 70’s throwback is making a huge comeback. The mini version may be getting the most play, but there are longer, leaner alternatives that look chic and sophisticated. Start wearing one now, with bare legs and a simple tee or chambray shirt, and work up to boots and layers as the weather turns colder.

Start out with a soft shirt, loosely tucked into a higher waisted skirt.


Stella McCartney


Paul + Joe

You can’t go wrong with denim or chambray!



As the chill starts to move in, add a blazer or leather jacket to the mix.


Honestly WTF

A striped sweater, camel duffle coat and felt hat channel the 70’s.


Chunky knits and a denim jacket are the perfect layers to a suede mini.


A chunky turtleneck sweater and a chic camel coat add an air of sophistication to a knee length denim skirt.


All photos credited above

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Wear It With Flare

April 23, 2015

After years of living in our skinnies, flare legged jeans are back with a vengeance. We have seen this coming for quite awhile, but the 70’s frenzy that swept the spring ’15 runways have solidified the trend and elevated the flare jean to “must have” status.

The key to wearing this iteration of the trend is polish. This time, rises are a little higher, and they are paired back to cleaner, more refined casual items.

There is nothing else that will make your legs look longer and leaner than a well fitted flare leg jean with worn with a heel, short of leg extention surgery. ( Yes, that’s a thing, and no, we don’t condone it!)


vanessa jackman


Tuck a soft easy shirt into a higher waisted jean. The monochromatic look adds to the illusion of length.


a love is blind

Head to toe white is crisp is and modern. Add chic and black and white elements to up your style game.


Keep it simple, and keep it crisp. We love the extra long shirttail in this half tuck!

stockholm street style

Add a classic pea coat to look and show your stripes. The mariner tee is the perfect accent to these dark blue flares.

photos: Vanessa Jackman | A Love Is Blind | Madewell | Stockholm Street Style

Cuff ’em

June 25, 2014

Sometimes, it’s not what you wear, but how you wear it, that separates the uber stylish from the rest of the pack.

This summer, the wide cuffed jean is making a comeback, replacing the nonchalant double roll of yesterday.

Stiffer, less broken in denim tends to hold the cuff better, but white works as well as indigo.





Are you ready to roll?

Festival Style: LACE

April 16, 2014

It’s music festival time, kicking off with Coachella last weekend. Festival dressing has a style all it’s own, with sexy, boho looks ruling the day. While flower crowns and hippie inspired dresses may not fit into most of our day to day lives, there are some trends to be extracted. Such is the case with lace. Textural cotton laces and crochet add a feminine, yet casual twist to any look. Why not try a lace trimmed blouse with your jeans this weekend, and embrace a little festival chic!

Here a just a few of our favorites:


Softly tiered cotton with insets of rustic lace give this dress a sweet, yet edgy vibe. Add a sheer floral top to complete the look.


This voile blouse trimmed with cotton lace is tucked into distressed denim cutoffs.The  tapestry bag is the perfect finish to this haute hippie look.


Vintage lace and high waisted denim looks flawlessly chic.


These macrame sandal-boot hybrids, leather bracelets, and woven bag take this eyelet top to another level.


A soft peasant top and lace shorts make a case for tough and tender, when paired with studded leather accessories.

Photos via: Pinterest

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Overall Impressions

April 7, 2014

Overalls, once the go-to outfit of farmers and toddlers, has made it’s way into the fashion scene. This time around, they have a sexy, almost sophisticated edge, taking the workwear staple to a whole new level. Being a woman of a certain age, I’m fighting the urge to give this trend a try. But looking at these chic ladies, I’m thinking  I can rock this look. You be the judge:

Donna Karan sent these overalls down this runway for DKNY this spring, adding a polished blazer and trench coat to complete the outfit.



A slim fit, high heeled booties and a great flyaway sweater give these overalls a casual, yet pulled together  sensibility.


How chic is this women, walking through the Tuileries in Paris, with gold toed pumps, a clutch bag,and her red coat tossed nonchalantly over her shoulders?


Leave it to Alexander Wang to pair a leather bra top with his white overalls. A little skin makes the look sexy!


Blair Eadie of the style blog Atlantic Pacific is known for her ladylike chic. Her messy undo, pointy stilettos and red lips and bag give this outfit an air of sophisticated ease.


Want to try this look yourself? Just abide by a few simple rules.

Overalls should be on the slim side. Nothing oversized or sloppy.

Add a touch of the unexpected, through accessories, makeup or a great piece of outerwear.

Roll the legs and add a chic heel.

Accessorize to the hilt. Shoes, bags and scarves play a huge role in upping the fashion ante. Keeping it chic is key.

Take a little extra care with your hair and makeup. This isn’t the time to get sloppy.

Keep the tops fitted, or go ahead and show some skin. Let the world know there is a woman under there.

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Double Denim

March 24, 2014

It seems nearly every fashion faux pas has its moment in the sun. What has long been deemed a don’t, somehow becomes a do. Take for example, the idea of wearing denim on denim.
Often referred to as the “Kentucky tuxedo,” wearing denim on the top and bottom has been seen as something worn by farmhands, and those who lack sartorial savvy. Over the last few seasons, we have been seeing it sneak up on us, and this spring, its reached a fever pitch!

There are of course rules involved in breaking this strict rule of denim wearing.
Mix the shades, don’t match them. Mixing of textures and tones make the look a bit less matchy-matchy, and adds an air of “I don’t care” chic to the look.

Keep it simple, and keep it casual. This isn’t about a denim suit, ( although we saw lots of them on the runways for men!)

When in doubt, let the experts do the mixing. Denim mixology can be a fine art, and brands like Paige Denim and Citizens of Humanity took the guesswork out of it, by making items that already mix the shades of indigo to perfection.

Here are just a few of the looks we love.








December 4, 2012

Denim gets the patchwork treatment for Spring, and the look is clean and fresh. Using varying shades of indigo, designers have created new patterns for sportswear inspired looks.

Phillip Lim mixed black with indigo hues and paired it with printed pants:


French company Surface to Air collaged shades of blue for a modern take on jeanswear:


Parisian designer Atsuro Tayama fashioned dresses out of light weight denim with a artful collaged effect:


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